Win Passes to see ZOMBIELAND *CLOSED*


We are giving away passes to what may be the most anticipated, epic zombie flick, ever! Don’t miss out on your chance to enjoy this.

Enter to win advance screening passes for you and a guest to see ZOMBIELAND.

THE FILM OPENS NATIONWIDE ON Friday, October 2, 2009.

Screening will be held on Tuesday, September 29 at AMC Barrywoods in Kansas City, MO.

Passes will be mailed to your house, please make sure your address is correct.

Contest ends September 22nd.

If you want two seats in this awesome movie, just tell us one thing:

The movie talks about the “Zombie Kill of the Week” where the most exciting or unique kill of a zombie in that week is revealed. Tell us what your “Zombie Kill of the Week” would be!

Here are your Zombie Kills of the Week!

Frank Pinzino-Driving quietly down the street with a chick in the car listening to “My Way” by Frank Sinatra….smashing a Zombie with my door as the song plays ” I did it my way”

Rickie Smith-at Disneyland

Ruth Ann Swartz-ok… per my son Brendan, we will take a corpse (non-zombie) and put a bomb inside of it and leave it out for the zombies to eat and watch the bomb/corpse blow them all up.

Chris Murr-Lead a zombie into the “k.”. Use the pitching machine to slow him down. Then drop the mega screen on em. Won’t be the first time some Kc fan took it at that stadium.

Josh D.-I Can’t come up with anything original so…two options..A. you could put one bullet in the leg of said zombie, followed up with HUNK’s beautiful and stylish neck breaker or the other option. Be one of two S.W.A.T. officers, running through a mall, fighting gauntlet’s of zombies and and after awhile stopping to do a little shopping. Every kill you made would be a “zombie Kill of the week”

Roger:Whad’ya think? Bag it or try for it?
Peter:You game?
Roger:I need lighter fluid.
Peter:You got it.

If you don’t know what quote that’s from then you don’t need to be watching zombie movies! Ok? so get back up on the roof “flyboy”!

Michelle G-A fatal case of Toxoplasmosis (brain parasite).

Steve V.-My fist a zombies face.

Luke Wyatt-so a group a surviviors is walking along an empty street. its quiet. too quit.. suddenly a loud shriek. they come.. twenty.. no thirty attack. they take cover in an alleyway. dumpster and cars scatter it they take cover and fire in burts. one after the other. a very scheduled routine for them, soon close range comes into play. one pulls out his bouie knife, while another gets the sub machine gun. soon the crowd is dwindled down to 5.. time to relax. the leader takes out two with his carbine. the young women gets one in the leg with a 9 mm. while her brother takes the pain out with a bat. two more run in low ammo, still no worry. older brother in sister at the back celebrating.. don’t see them the older one is busy checking the dead.. no ammo. they turn look. 10 feet, 5. bllod curdling screams errupt. the zombies are right at their feet. then a shot rings out. a bullet rings out and pierces both zombie skulls at once.. the brain matter spatters the walls and brother and sister. as i smile from my roof and put two more marks into the book..

Jeff Hertzfield-A group of Boy Scouts earning their shooting merit badge by killing zombies in the woods at scout camp.

Harriet Hertzfield-A fragile old lady using her walker to kill a zombie by beating him to death with it. Then when she is done, she goes back to walking real slow using her now bloody walker to walk.

Jon Daily-I’d force him to watch a Dr. Phil marathon… in front of my worst enemies TV of course.. I dont’ want him breaking mine!

Kristan Lowe-I’m here to chew bubble gum, and kill zombies…. and I’m all outta bubble gum!

Frankie Huertas-Van Hagar fans killed by Van Roth vinyl records . . .

Liz Pepperdine-Knocking off a zombie Rosie O’Donnell with a mic after she sneaks back onto the set of The View

Adam Roberts-Zombie Kill of the week goes to myself, setting up a trip wire that spilled a large quantity of marbles onto the floor which caused a chain reaction to launch water balloons loaded with gasoline that I quickly turned into napalm against a horde of zombies.

Danny Mcclain-Get a little practice in with my 9 iron then move on to my Driver

Chuong Nguyen-I have no idea what my favorite zombie kill would be. It’d just have to be funny, not bloody and gruesome.

Spencer Shipp-Dressed as a Vampire and mounted on a horse that was painted like a tiger, wearing a cowboy hat, and had a boombox attached to it playing Rocket Man, I would charge directly into a mass of zombies (don’t worry, I’m wearing shinguards so they can’t bite me…vampire shinguards.) Once they start surrounding me, I’d start handing out free samples… of whoop ass. Basically I’d be standing on top of my steed and start throwing Round House Kicks and knuckle punches, very much like Chuck Norris in the box office hit Sidekicks. When there was one zombie left, who obviously climbed on the back of my horse I’d quickly ride off of a cliff, letting my horse and zombie fall into oblivion while I safely glide to safety just like Batman.

Elishia Hazelton-while walking late night on campus I will encounter a student who is making weird grunting noises and think its coming onto me ( what a pervert!). So I will spray it in the eyes with mace. When that has no effect on my attacker and it is still coming after me I pound it in the head with those expensive and heavy college biology books until its brains a coming through it’s ears. It’s still making weird noises ( sucked wont die!) so bust a street light, take a large piece of glass and cut off its head. Thanks Micro Biology! I knew you would be useful to me sometime.

Sniper shoots zombies at City Hall. It has been confirmed Mayor and his wife were shot while feeding on 2 of the city council members. Matt Stewart is on his way to the scene and we will have a live update later on in this broadcast.

Max Garcia-My zombie kill of the week would be a Max bus plowing down a group of zombies as they leave the haunted house in the West Bottoms. No wait they were humans dressed as zombies. Oh well still the great kill of the week.

zachary coovert-driving along a road listening to indestructable and seeing zombie and pulling over to impale it epically through the head with a harpoon as it is running towards you.

stanley ellman-rush limbaugh

Josh Dusel-I’d corral as many zombies as i could into a stadium where i would have Bjork waiting to sing for them. That’s bound to melt dozens of brains within an earshot.

Nathan Cameron-My Zombie kill of the week would be to see a room full of zombies killing themselves after witnessing the abomination that is the Blue Man Group live show.

Jason Landayan-Zombie pushed off a high rise building…. Splat!!!!!

Mike Fournier-Slamming a carrot through the eyeball out the back of the skull…….”Shoot em’ up” style.

Matthew Sterling-Stabbing it in the throat with my prosthetic leg.

Tara Turner-Shooting it with a potato cannon (loaded with a steal spike) through the ear hole.

Sarah Allen-suffocation….sit on it’s face.

christian Ramirez-driving and killing

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