Dexter Season 4: Remains to be Seen

dex3The newest episode of Dexter, Remains to be Seen, is keeping in the tradition of last week’s episode….It keeps dragging on and on until the very end! They know you’re hooked on the story lines, so they’re not in a rush to move things along too quickly. Don’t worry, this episode has plenty of fun little bits to keep you chewing on until next Sunday.

The show starts with our favorite killer waking up from a devastating car wreck and being loaded into an ambulance. Thankfully, no one decided to check in the trunk compartment, because Dexter seemed to be 48% sure that he was transporting the body of his most recent kill. Unfortunately, Dex suffers a concussion and has some memory loss, so after finding only his kill tools in the trunk, he goes on an Easter egg hunt for Benny’s body bags while trying to juggle the recent “Vacation Murders” AND his family.

Meanwhile, John Lithgow continues to creep me out. Seriously, I never thought he’d ever scare dex1me, but he’s pulling out all the stops for this role. In Remains to be Seen, Trinity gets his time in the spotlight, as well. The audience gets an interesting peek into his process of finding victims and how he keeps his Dark Passenger happy. There are some chilling scenes involving Trinity stalking his next victim, but what might have been the creepiest scene was watching Trinity let this dog lick his hand for a good three or four minutes….I’m not sure if that’s what the character enjoys or if the director just let that go on too long.

We get the usual rounds that cover all the minor characters: Retired Agent Lundy and Debra attempt to gain some closure and work to catch The Trinity Killer, Angel and Lt. Laguerta continue to complicate their office romance when she has to start giving out hard orders, causing some friction, and Quinn is still a dex2jackass, but now he’s giving away information to the reporter that he’s sleeping with.

The show’s dark comedy that we know and love is taking a sick day for this episode, other than Deb combining some colorful swear words into a rainbow of inappropriate. The fact that Dexter is still sleep deprived (and literally doesn’t rest at all in this episode) sets the mood; the plot seems to drag on and on until you feel as tired as Dex is. You can tell that they’re really trying to set up some great episodes this season, so a few slower ones like Remains to be Seen are a necessary element.

I give Remains to be Seen 3 “Friendly Neighbors” out of 5


By Blake Edwards


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