Dexter Season 4 “Blinded by the Light”

lightThis was definitely a strange episode in the Dexter series.  Though a few of the seemingly forgotten elements are back, this episode appeared to lack a little focus.  Don’t get me wrong, there were plenty of interesting plot threads that were thickened up, but considering we are 1/4th of the way through the series, I’d like to see a little more direction and see the cat and mouse game between Dexter and the Trinity Killer begin.

We’ve seen a deeply demented Dexter, a darkly dangerous Dexter, but now we are seeing something else; a definitely domesticated Dexter.  Dexter is still in the full swing of suburban life, and now even more so when his neighborhood decides to have a block party/BBQ.  Finally we are getting a long lost friend of the show back; Dexter’s inner monologue. This helped bring a lot of humor to the BBQ, and the rest of the episode. As it turns out, there is a vandal in the area, so a neighborhood watch is formed, making Dexter’s life that much more complicated.  While the vandal story is a little entertaining, it seems like an unimportant tidbit that is taking up our limited time with our good friend.  The point has been made that Dex is a family man now, and while the humor is spot on (though not as dark as the show usually is) the balance isn’t there.  It’s Bogarted this season so far, where normally we have an even amount of face time with Dex, his life, and his Dark Passenger.

killerThe Trinity Killer has an early lead over Dexter in the body count so far, with his latest victim being the only victim in Blinded by the Light.  The carefully selected woman is forced to jump off a building, completing the second of Trinity’s three-part cycle of death.  He spreads a little of what we later find out is ashes of human remains next to the body of the woman, says “Mommy,” and heads home.  We then see him sit at a table and pour a drink for a vacant chair, and he says, “You’re next.”  This leads me to believe that the third victim (who according to Lundy will be a male bludgeoned to death) may have something to do with his father.  Is Trinity acting out the deaths of family members?  Was the first victim a representation of his wife or older sister maybe?  So many questions now.

There is a little tug of war going on between the Trinity Killer and the Vacation Killer.  The Vacation Killer has a small action scene this episode, but still feels like filler for the series.  Of course, LaGuerta is feeling pressured to solve the tourist killings, and Deb is the only one focusing on the possibility that Trinity exists.  Things between Batista and LaGuerta are heating up, and unfortunately, could be the reason they missed an opportunity to capture the Vacation Killer.  Speaking of heating up, Deb finds out that there may still be a spark of interest for her in Lundy, resulting in her current beau Anton getting the cold shoulder.

blinded-by-the-light-20091012081915510-000On the personal side, Rita is becoming more suspicious of Dexter since she keeps catching him in lies about the car wreck. To  make matters worse, she saw him breaking the security lights of his next door neighbor’s house. I think that the tensions are going to keep building until they finally come to a head. Harry is constantly in the back of Dexter’s mind, telling him that the family thing is just a façade gone too far, so I wonder if all the family focus thus far is a lead up to the ruin of Dexter’s social life, more than likely caused by his own hand.

While Blinded by the Light had some humor and exciting plot development, I was expecting to dive a little deeper than the writers did.  The episode was much more familiar to the Dexter fans then the previous 2 episodes so far this season, but the story really needs to be moving on.

I give Blinded by the Light 3.5 “I wish they’d used the song in the credits” out of 5.


by Rachael Edwards


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