Dexter Season 4 “Dex Takes A Holiday”

DEXTER (Season 2)Dexter seems to be building a reputation of being a little slow this season, but this episode definitely mixed it up. They actually have plot progression for a lot of the sub-plots like Lundy and Deb, Laguerta and Angel and more of our new villain, Trinity. Not to mention, we finally get back in the old tradition of Dex killing the scum of society. About damn time, I say.

In the latest episode of Dexter, our dark hero finds himself with some time to kill (that’s right, I went there.) His family has to go to an inscribed wedding of blah blah blah. Basically, Dexter needs some alone time to re-evaluate his priorities. So, we get to have the feeling of an unrestrained Dark Passenger for a brief time in this season. I’ve really missed the old formula of Dexter, where they set you up with a bad guy and then Dexter gets justice, Boondock Saints style. Well, that need is met with this episode, where Dex finds a cop who is not so different from himself.

Dex Takes A Holiday is good episode to get things going, with a lot of developments in their plots. Unfortunately, there isn’t a lot of development in what will happen with Trinity. I find myself wishing that they would replace the sub-plots with more time filled with The Trinity Killer. I’d hate to give anything away, but Deb and Lundy end up crossing a few lines, there’s trouble in paradise with Angel and LaGuerta and Dexter learns that family is somewhat important to him.dex1

There seems to be a running theme in the past few episodes of trying to get Dexter to shed his family man image and begin killing like he used to. I can’t say that I don’t want him to do that, because he’s only killed two people this season! Previous seasons had him killing, at least, one person an episode and it really worked. There is a lot of time, in the more recent episodes of Dexter, that is filled with boring moments and unimportant information; in the meantime the audience is crying out for Dexter to have the freedom and happiness, balancing his new family and his Dark Passenger at once.

Trinity’s plot line is advancing bit by bit in every episode, but The Vacation Killer may be the dark horse of this season. He’s got barely enough coverage to be: A) totally unimportant or B) A huge plot twist at the end. I’m hoping for B, dex2honestly. The main story between Trinity and Dexter is taking forever to come to fruition, simply because they have yet to even meet. They are poking at the fact that they may come face-to-face next episode, but there still isn’t much for people interested in the here and now.

Something I haven’t told you about is the fact that the end of this episode is spectacular! Its a great set up for the next episode and leaves you pining for what is going to happen. Although Dex Takes A Holiday introduces some new faces that are played by some awful actors, it keeps the feeling of old Dexter alive and is a great addition to the fourth season.

I give Dex Takes A Holiday 4 “I Love Dad  Mugs” out of 5


by Blake Edwards


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