Dexter Season 4 “Dirty Harry” *Spoilers*

DEXTER (Season 4)Except for the gripping ending, Dirty Harry mostly played out as the aftermath of the previous episode.  This is a good thing, though. We were left with quite the cliffhanger as Deb and Lundy were shot.  We find out that Lundy is in fact dead, and Deb pulls through with just some stitches.  She is beating herself up about his death, sure that it is her fault somehow. Dexter tries to comfort her, but he simply doesn’t know how.

In a fantastically haunting scene, Deb breaks down in front of Dex, claiming that she is broken; that everything in her life goes wrong because she’s a screw-up.  Dexter replies, “You’re not the one who’s broken, I am.”  He comes chillingly close to telling her his secret, and you can see it on his face that he wants to, but doesn’t.  I wonder sometimes if he ever will reveal himself to anyone close to him.  In the book series, Deb was made aware of his Dark Passenger. She didn’t disagree with it — but wasn’t exactly happy about it either. If there was a time for her to know it would be now.  She needs a little revenge and she needs to be working on a case to keep her sane. I can’t emphasize enough how talented Jennifer Carpenter is.  This scene she completely breaks down in a way that grabs you by the throat — if you’ve ever lost someone close to you, you immediately see yourself in her shoes.  She was positively amazing.

DEXTER (Season 4)Deb breaks up with Anton and moves in with Dexter and Rita.  At the same time, everyone finds out that Dexter actually kept his apartment due to that leaky faucet he didn’t fix, bursting and needing repairs.  This causes a rift between he and Rita, because yet again, she has caught him lying to her.  Unfortunately, they are unable to discuss it right away, and just like in real life, it has to be put on the back-burner, but still affects their moods throughout the show.

While his coworkers believe that the shooting was the work of the Vacation Killers, Dexter is the only one who knows that this was the work of the Trinity Killer.  He picks up where Lundy left off, and using Lundy’s notes and his own killer intuition (yeah, I said it) he tracks down Trinity’s next murder spot.  Unfortunately, he doesn’t pick up on the correct victim in time, and nearly loses Trinity. Dexter trails him home, and low and behold, Trinity isn’t the Lone Wolf that everyone took him for. He’s actually just like Dexter, and in town for good.  He’s a husband, father, and a good provider based on the beautiful house he walks into. Wow. This puts a whole new spin and a heavy relevance to this season’s theme.

dirty-harry-20091026105833196-000The sub-plots are given a few conclusions and continuations, including:

  • ~Laguerta and Batista’s relationship is made known to the higher-ups, resulting in Laguerta being forced to transfer Angel.
  • ~Vacation Killer is killed by his girlfriend thanks to Batista’s craftily planted story in the paper about him having an STD, which would mean he cheated on his girlfriend.  The girlfriend is booked.
  • ~Turns out Quinn isn’t through seeing the big-mouthed reporter, and he shows her his gratitude for her help in catching the Vacation Killer.

So, thanks to Trinity, Dexter realizes he actually has a chance at keeping his family, despite all of Harry’s protests. I think we’ll see him try to smooth things over with Rita, and put more effort into his family life.  If Trinity can do it, so can he.  Some people think that Rita needs to quit nagging Dexter all the time, but I disagree.  I think given the circumstances (she thinks he used to do drugs, he had an affair, and now she’s caught him lying several times) she is handling the situation like a champ.  Go Rita.  Check out my interview with Julie Benz to read more about Rita and Dexter in her own words (as well as her new movie, Boondock Saints II!)

I give Dirty Hairy 4.5 ‘Say goodbye, Anton’s out of 5.


by Rachael Edwards


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