FlashForward: Black Swan

flash-forward-episode-pic2First off, I just want to apologize for not covering last week’s episode. There was a family emergency, but I have watched the episode and basically can conclude that they are starting to delve a little deeper into the science versus faith issue with the flashes and who believes they will happen and who don’t. That was interesting. There was also the German Nazi prisoner who basically gave no information except the crows dying. Which, in turn, lead them to the previous black out in Somalia. We got to see it happen through a local boy’s view and we see a huge ominous tower coming out of the ground. It almost looked like a big magnetic pole or something.

So, this week, we start with someone else’s black out and what happened somewhere else during the chaos. I like that they have a million options for showing mass chaos and weird flash forwards. The man comes in for spleen pain and they discover he has Addison’s disease through his flash forward where he explains how happy and cool he is, now that he is a black man. This was pretty funny, and started making you think, maybe we can’t trust all of these flashes, but it makes sense in the end.

flash-forward-oliviaDemetri is continuing to freak out about his death and decides to start questioning hot terrorist lady for info. She knows that he will die, only from reading the Mosaic website and uses it against him to scare him into following through on a bunk lead she gives him. This gets Noe and Benford into a fight, and they resolve it by talking it out and Benford decides to start fighting harder to get to the bottom of this to try to save Noe’s life.

Olivia is avoiding Mr. Simcoe like the plague for fear that their eyes will meet and they will have no choice but to stop what they are doing and make sweet, sweet love right there. She tries to transfer his son to a different department, only to have him sent back. It seems that she just can’t help but walk past his room and watch him being a dad with his son, so maybe there are feelings developing directly because she is trying to avoid it.

Now, the most awesome part of the show came at the end. Simcoe gets a call from a man named, Simon. He answers and says he can’t talk right now, and who is it on the other end but Charlie himself, Dominic Monaghan. He reveals to us, in a very creepy, bad guy voice, that he and Simcoe are responsible for the single greatest disaster in human history!

creepyFrom the previews, I knew Dominic would be a part of the show, and I was about to start complaining that it hasn’t happened yet, but I never suspected that he would be the bad guy! Is he Suspect Zero, or D. Gibbons, or someone else? Last week was just a filler episode for me, it gave little info and just tried to keep us entertained until this week. I love episodes that end with a bang like this one and I hope there will be many more. The show is doing great in my mind. They have been picked up for a full season by ABC so that is good.

I want more flash forwards, I want to feel like I can start piecing them together and figuring out what is going on even before the characters know it. So far, they are on the right track, giving us clues, but keeping us in the dark a little longer about some things like: what suicide guy, Dr. Bryce Varley saw in his flash forward that changed his life for the better and made him all giddy, and what the kangaroo in the street in the premiere has to do with anything. Was it just loose from a local zoo, was it in someone’s car, was it an illusion?

With little things like that, they are on the path that LOST has traveled. A little realism, a lot of wierd, and a ton of questions being answered with new questions. Next week is called, Gimme Some Truth, but lets hope for more mysteries along the way.

I give Black Swan 4 “the kangaroo knows what’s up” out of 5.


by Angela Davis

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