FlashForward: White to Play *spoilers*

simcoeThis week we delve deeper into the stories we were introduced to in the premiere. Mark and Olivia are starting to argue a bit about her vision of being with another man, who she meets in the hospital. Lloyd Simcoe (Jack Devenport) is the father of one of the patients she took care of after the black out. The child knew her name and her daughter knows the little boy from her vision. Charlie is being very secretive about what she saw, which means it must have been bad. Demetri is still freaking out about his fate and the fear is reassured when he meets a woman that says she saw nothing also, only to be killed shortly after.

As for the Mosaic case, they have set up the website and it’s blowing up. Deputy Secretary of Homeland Security, Anastasia Markham (guest star Lynn Whitfield) steps in to act like she knows what is best only to have her butt handed to her when the team shows her “Suspect Zero,” the man left standing in the football stadium.¬† markandnoeThey begin investigating this and the D. Gibbons and find a link that leads them to Utah. Eventually, we discover that D. Gibbons was calling Suspect Zero while the blackout was occurring. Now there are two people left standing.

This was exciting and more believable since it would take some kind of genius, alien brain to pull off a world wide black out all by your lonsome. In fact, there are probably more, maybe little minions that worked for D. Gibbons. All we know so far is “D. Gibbons is a bad man” according to Charlie. She still hasn’t divulged everything from her vision, but we know that she must know quite a bit.

Demetri is convinced by Janis to tell his story on the Mosaic website and maybe someone out there has information about him. Not long after, he is walking to his car and he receives a phone call from an unknown woman calling from a rooftop. She won’t divulge who she is or how she got his number, but she proceeds to tell him that she was reading a case file in her vision and it stated that he was murdered about a month before the date that the flash forwards are showing. I forget the exact date now. So, he has about 5 months to live and/or change his fate to stay alive.

cpr-johnI thought this episode was a little more lighthearted than the first, with the cupcake lady stating that she is a good person and one of the other agents sharing his flash forward of being on the john and performing CPR to a man with his head in the urinal. A couple of complaints I have so far are that it has been hard for me to get people’s names down. I know Olivia, Charlie and Demetri Noe the best now, but I want to know everyone by name. Also, the flashes of what happened last week to remind us is a little insulting. I do remember most of the flash forwards and don’t need to see them over and over again. I know the show is called Flash Forward, but maybe just show us the same scene but a different part or a different angle. Another thing, and this isn’t a gripe, but does anyone know what the name of the episode means? I think its a play on words for right to play and speaking of Charlie in the opening scene, but the “White” throws me.

I have some theories on the direction of the show, so if you don’t want to know my major possible spoilers, then stop reading here. I think that the chemistry between Demetri and Janis is growing. They are purposely not showing Demetri’s fiance so that we want them to grow together. I think that they will have an affair, he will die, or not, and she gets pregnant by him and that is why she is crying at her sonogram in her vision. As for Mark and Olivia, I think they will become victims of their own visions, because of the knowledge of their visions. If they had no knowledge of what they were capable of, they would probably stay happy together. I don’t have any more juicy details from this week’s episode, so until next week…

I give “White to Play” 3 Mystery Men out of 5


by Angela Davis

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