Interview with a Zombie, The KC Zombie Walk

IMG_0007Lost In Reviews restrained a zombie to share a few thoughts during the Zombieland zombie walk. The walk, which was supposed to have taken place crossing through the Power and Light District, where even the walking undead are denied access for not meeting the stringent dress code; was a cross promotion for the bloody, gory, fun Zombieland, which opened Friday in theaters, and the Kansas City Zombie walk which takes place Saturday October 10.

The Kansas City zombie walk of which there were two this year, is open to any one willing to convert themselves to a zombie, and donate some food. As much as it is about fun, it is also about helping others since the walks help local food banks.

Following is a transcript from a recovered mini tape recorder-

Lost in Reviews: So how long have you been a zombie?

Zombie: (slightly grunts, followed by a protracted moan)

Lost in Reviews: The Power and Light district didn’t show any respect for the living dead since they wouldn’t let you in, how did that make you feel?

Zombie: (emits a low deep gurgling growl)

Lost in Reviews: Did no one tell you to dress up, you do know this is a premiere, Right?

Zombie: (slightly moans)


Lost in Reviews: Do you blame Gorge A. Romero for the blatant mistreatment of zombies all over the world?

Zombie (makes a slight hacking noise)

Lost in Reviews: I have heard rumors that Zombie walks like the one today are in protest of movies like Zombieland and games like Resident Evil and House of the dead, that glorify the killing of your race. Is this true?

Zombie: (long moan)

Lost in Reviews: Ok, I can see this is going nowhere. Do you have a representative I can talk to, also you’re getting a little too close, there is no need to try and eat the tape recorder.

ED NOTE: At this point there is some loud screeching and what sounds like chewing on the tape, the interviewer screamed like a little girl. About 3 minutes later, something is heard slumbering off. We haven’t heard from the reporter that covered the walk since the night of this event. If you have any clues as to the whereabouts of the writer please contact the site’s editor.

For additional information about the Kansas City Zombie Walk visit The official KCMO Zombie Walk mysapce & The KC Zombie Walk for hunger site.

Zombieland is in theaters now!

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