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julieLost in reviews was given the opportunity to talk to Julie Benz about her role in the upcoming sequel to the 1999 cult classic, Boondock Saints. In Boondock Saints 2: All Saints Day, Julie plays Eunice Bloom, the protege of agent Smecker, the FBI agent that was after the brothers in the first film.

Julie also stars in the Showtime hit series Dexter where she plays Dexter’s wife Rita. Julie took the time to talk to Rachael about both rolls.

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Julie Benz: Hello

Rachael: How are you?

Julie: I’m good, how are you?

Rachael: Great, thanks. I have a couple of questions about your upcoming movie Boondock Saints 2. Was it hard coming into Boondock Saints 2 as a new kid on the block? Since you are playing a new character amongst a group of guys with an established comradery from the first film?

Julie: I would say the hardest thing is that I don’t get any of the inside jokes. Other than that, they are a really welcoming group. Its actually kind of nice to be the only female onset. That makes it so you are well taken care of.

Rachael: I can imagine. That was actually another one of my questions I was wondering, you are playing Eunice Bloom and it seems like she is a strong predominate character in the film.

J: Yes, she is. Basically, Eunice’s role is she is taking over for Agent Smecker who is played my Willem Dafoe from the first movie, she is investigating the brothers and trying to figure out whats going on.

R: how would you say she would be unique or similar to him(Agent Smecker)?

J: Well she has some of the same similar ways of looking at crime scene that he does. You know, with ear plugs and well I don’t want to say flamboyancy, but she has that flair that he had and that he had looking at crime scenes. She has definitely adopted all of that. That’s where her similarities are, you know she was a protege of Smecker’s, so she learned from him and he taught her everything she knows.

R: Oh wow, that’s fantastic. That’s good to hear, we are all kind of missing him, but we are glad to have you on the set with everybody. Was this role really different from previous roles you have had?

J: Oh very different, I would say this character is the most removed from me as possible. I subscribe Eunice as the woman that every man wants to fuck and every woman wants to be. She is the fantasy me. And for me, what I really love about her is that she isn’t a love interest or a victim. And I have always played a love interest or a victim, so its nice to play a woman that is basically like a man but is still very sexy and she is just as smart, just as bad ass as the boys are.

R: That’s exciting. In your opinion, do you think Boondock Saints 2 is in keeping with the action and ambiance of the first film, or is Troy Duffy taking it in a different direction this time?

J: I think it’s more intense than the first film. I think its more intense, more action, more violence, more comedy, more of everything.

R: You have had many different roles, and you are especially famous for your role on Dexter as Rita Bennett.

J: Yes.

R: We’ve seen Rita change quite a bit from the first season, what do you think was the initial turning point in which your character began gaining confidence?

J: I think that what makes the relationship so special between Dexter and Rita and the audience and through the love of a serial killer, you see this woman grow stronger, and stronger and stronger, which makes you constantly want to know what would happen if she ever found out. That’s something that I don’t know if we will ever find out to that answer. So, well, I hope not (laughs). You know, I think the turning point was with Carl, being away. With that ex husband gone, she doesn’t have that fear lingering over her anymore and just showing up.

R: That leads into my next question, about the newest episode, Dirty Harry (Dexter) which is a perfect example of getting to see her stand up with her new strength and confidence. Are we going to see Rita really put her foot down with Dexter any time this season?

J: Yeah, I mean you do see her put her foot down. I get annoyed (laughs), because no one likes Rita anymore, and everybody says she’s annoying. Really, she’s just a wife, just trying to deal and balance family. You know, Dexter is not the most communicative guy, and you have to understand that he doesn’t like communicate where he is or what he is doing. So she kinda has to tug him along in each and every step. I just think Rita is so misunderstood (laughs.) I defend her because her intentions are pure, she doesn’t mean to nag him, that’s not her intent.

R: I’m gonna say, I’m really impressed with how she is turning out and I’m glad that she has got some more confidence finally. I personally love it.

J: I think what was interesting about last night’s episode was you really see how problems arise, you know as they do in real life, and we don’t always have the time to deal with them, or its not the right place to deal with them. You see a lot of that in last night’s episode, Rita did just find out about Dexter’s apartment, but then she wasn’t able to address it with Dexter, because they just didn’t have the time. She does put her foot down and they do end up going to therapy and its an interesting journey that is taken. But you know, Rita isn’t perfect, she flawed as well, and I think that is the surprising thing discovered through out this season, but just like in real life, do we really recognize our flaws?

R: Also, the new edition to season four is John Lithgow as the Trinity Killer which is really exciting. We are all excited to have him in that role, have you had a chance to work with him?

J: No, we wrapped last week and I never did have a chance to work with him. I got to meet him numerous times and sit with him at table reads. He’s a very very very wonderful man and a wonderful actor. It’s nice to be part of a show that attracts such high caliber talent like John Lithgow. Last year we had Jimmy Smits, this year we had John Lithgow, and then you know, we have Keith Carridane, JoBeth Williams, and we have been able to attract such a high level of talent, its awesome.

R: The fan base is unreal now. I would like to touch on some of your future projects. You have an independent film in post production called Bedrooms in which you play Anna. Can you tell me a little bit about the movie and your role in it?

J: Yes, it’s four vignettes put together and they are all in different stages of a relationship. It’s a little indie film, its very sweet little project. My vignette is with Xander Berkeley and Jesse Garcia, and it is a bit of a dramedy, and it has a bit of the uhh, there was a movie, Carnal Knowledge, that was out in the seventies with Candice Bergen and Jack Nicholson and it has that kind of feel to it, although it takes place today, not a period piece or anything. But that kind of mix of comedy and drama of that film, this has that same feel to it .

R: We have also been hearing rumors that not only that we might see Rambo V in the future, but you may continue your role as Sarah. Is there anything you can tell us to kind of clear the air about that?

J: Uh, I know absolutely nothing about it, except that its a rumor(laugh). We can’t believe every rumor we hear (laughs.) No, uh, I have not been approached. I would definitely, I would love to work with Stallone again, in a heart beat. Now, I hope it comes true, but as of right now, there’s been no calls out. Maybe I should call him up and and be like, “can I be in your movie?” (laughs)

R: (laughs) That would be great to see him in that again. I just have a couple more questions on a more personal note. What is your favorite thing to do in your downtime when your working?

J: Oh, wow. I love to work out and be athletic. I love to go shoe shopping (laughs) and I love to cook.

R: Oh fantastic. What is one of your favorite movies, one that you can watch over and over again without getting tired of it?

J: Terms of Endearment I’ve seen it so many times, it still takes me on the same journey. I cry and I laugh and I cry and cry some more.

R: That’s good, that’s a great one. Do you have anything that you want to say to your fans?

J: Um, just come out and see Boondock Saints 2.

R: Absolutely, we are all looking forward to it. It’s truly been a pleasure speaking with you today.

J: thank you so much.

R: Thank you so much for your time and we are all looking forward to Boondock Saints 2.

J: Thank you.

R: Ok, you have a great day.

J: Thanks, you too.


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