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Welcome to my first post on Lost in Reviews.  My name is Sarah, and I will be your tour guide on all things movie trailers.  I am a bit of a trailer-aholic.  My friends will tell you that I am, so I fully admit to it.  I have loved trailers ever since I can remember and once sought out a certain VHS tape just to get the trailer that ran before it (mind this was pre-internet).

Twilight Movie PosterAnother thing I fully admit to is being a Twihard, Twigirl, or whatever else people call us.  I started reading the books about a month or so prior to the first Twilight movie coming out.  I was hooked!  I had seen the Twilight trailers prior to reading the books and it looked like a bad teen vampire movie, nothing special.  Then I read Twilight and got super excited about seeing the film version of the movie.  I have seen it now 3 times in the theatres, have the DVD, and am seeing it again before the release of New Moon.  BUT, I realize that Twilight is not a very good movie as a whole, but it does have some good scenes.  I actually know someone who hated Twilight the book, but loved the movie.

I do know guys that like the books and the movie, but the main bashers/haters of this series are guys.  They hate that it is a romance story, and they also can’t get their head around the fact that the author, Stephenie Meyer, messed with vampire lore.  The Twilight vampires don’t die or burn in the sun.  They sparkle (lame, I know), so the entire vampire clan can go walking around during the day as long as it is not sunny.  They don’t die by a stake to the heart.  You have to tear them into pieces and burn them.  Twilight vampires don’t have fangs.  They bite and secrete some kind of poison from their teeth.  I could keep going . . . but I will save it for another post.

New Moon movie posterNew Moon, just based on the trailers, looks ten times better than Twilight.  Bigger budget and probably a better director helps (Chris Weitz).  Let’s begin, shall we . . .

The first trailer that was released for New Moon was premiered at the MTV Movie Awards 2009.  I watched it on TV and had a total fangirl moment.  You can see several versions of the reaction to the first trailer on YouTube.  They are really good for a laugh.  We get our first look at the infamous birthday scene where Bella gets a paper cut and Jasper (the newest vampire to the “vegetarian” diet, only animal blood) freaks out and tries to attack Bella.  Also featured in the trailer is the breakup scene, a much better looking Laurent, a newly buff Jacob with short hair, and the transformation of Jacob into a wolf.  The CG wolves look a lot better than I imagined.  If you saw Twilight, you were probably prepared for a pretty crappy looking wolf.  One big problem with this trailer is that it tries to make you think that when Jacob transforms, he is going to attack Laurent.  This is not the case.  They combined two different scenes – Wolves protecting Bella and attacking Laurent in the meadow, and the confrontation between Bella and Paul that has Jacob rushing to defend her.   There are a lot of trailers that do this, and it is frustrating to the audience (or at least me) to create a different scene or sequence of events that is not even in the movie.

The second trailer for New Moon is an introduction to Jacob Black.  The actor who plays Jacob, Taylor Lautner, narrates the trailer in an interview-type style.  We get to see his buff body again and how strong he is.  We also see the dirt bikes for the first time and one of Bella’s crashes.  The wolf pack as humans are introduced.  Then the trailer takes it up a notch.  1) You get a shift to a more fast-paced music track.  2) There’s Dakota Fanning as Jane and the rest of the Volturi clan in the background.  3) A couple of shots from Bella’s cliff dive.  4) A kick a** Victoria in a couple of shots who looks so much better than in Twilight with actual red hair.  It’s a different kind of trailer, but still effective in getting the excitement going for the movie.

The third trailer for New Moon debuted at the MTV Music Awards.  MTV actually has a slightly longer version of the trailer that is available from their website.  The trailer opens with scenes of the Volturi in action.  We see Dakota Fanning as Jane again, but have our first look at Michael Sheen as Aro.  More scenes from the breakup appear before going into Bella’s depression stage.  There are a lot of new scenes in this trailer: 1) We see how Chris Weitz decided to incorporate more Edward into the movie.  He appears as visions to Bella instead of just a voice in her head like in the book.  2) More footage from Bella’s cliff diving excursion.  I love how they made Edward appear in the water and disappear as Bella is pulled away.  3) The yellow Porsche ride with Alice in Italy.  4) Bella running to stop Edward from revealing himself.  5)  Billy Burke as Bella’s dad, Charlie Swan, with Victoria jumping down behind him.  6) The wolves vs. Laurent showdown (heck yeah)!  7)  Paul’s transformation into a wolf.  8) And finally the Edward, Alice, Bella vs. Volturi showdown (again, heck yeah)!   Hopefully that is the last trailer they are producing for this movie.

There are plenty of TV spots and clips that have been released so far.  I have only watched one by choice.  It is the Paul/Bella fight that leads to Paul’s transformation. It is available on iTunes as a New Moon podcast.

The Twilight Saga: New Moon is released in theatres November 20, 2009.

by Sarah Ksiazek

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