Movie Review: Don’t believe the Paranormal hype…

paranormal_activity_posterParanormal Activity is a film shot with a single video recorder following a couple whom have recently moved in together and have been experiencing strange  things occurring in their home.

It’s setup as a mockumentary and does a pretty solid job of selling itself as such. There is not a single credit in the entire film. It opens with a thank you to the families of the two individuals in the film Katie Featherston and Micah Sloat in addition to the police department. It ends with a copyright notice. At no point is their any indication that its a work of fiction. If you are looking for who wrote or directed it you will need to head to it’s IMDB page or Wikipedia.

That said, the film is well made considering it cost just $15k. It’s very convincing that Micah had control of the camera and there wasn’t a shot in the film that didn’t make me think he or Katie weren’t controlling the camera. The film relies heavily on the heard but not seen creep factor to get under your skin. For me it worked, being a fan of the creep factor vs. fast cuts for jumps school of horror.


The problem with this is that the film is a slow burn. Even with it’s short 86 minute run time it builds and takes time getting to the real chills. Most of the film is spent watching the couple sleep in time lapse with a slow down to real time when something notable occurs. There are a couple of scenes in particular that really drove the near sold out audience into a freak out and rightfully so, once it finally gets to them.

Katie Featherston and Micah Sloat are very believable as the couple.  Katie is a college student that has experienced strange things since she was a child. She would rather seek professional help to deal with her night time woes. Micah, is a cocksure day trader. He plans to get to the bottom of Katie’s nightly traumas by purchasing the recorder to film them in their sleep to see what is occurring.

Fair warning, thanks to the savvy way this has been marketed and slowly released spreading via word of mouth on Twitter and Facebook telling audiances to demand it, its easy to set some pretty high expectations going into the film, most of the Lost in Reviews staff did. If you go in with minimum expectations you might save your self from quite a heavy dose of over hype and expectations. This is a quality creepy film to be sure, it is not however a genre redefining or even game changing film.

I give Paranormal Activity 3 “bloody crosses” out of 5


By John Coovert

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