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Almost Locals Only is a podcast with participants of the Bandit Network. The Bandit Network consist of, and

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Show notes for 11/29/09 – Note: This show is rated R for content and language

Bandits in this weeks cast are John, Ryan and Angela from Lost in Reviews and Shannon and Nat from Frothy Girlz.

Who’s making the f****ing money, a box office discussion. We discuss this past weekends box office estimates. (7mins 40 secs)
1. New Moon 42.5mil
2. Blind Side 40.1mil
3. 2012 18mil
4. Old Dogs 16.8mil
5. A Christmas Carol 16mil
6. Ninja Assassin 13.1mil
7. Planet 51 10.2mil
8. Precious 7mil
9. The Fantastic Mr. Fox 7mil
10. The Men Who Stare at Goats 1.5mil

Lost in… In this segment we discuss what the Bandits watched during the past week. This includes, DVD/Blu-Ray, TV shows, Movies, Video Games, and the occasional other random thing we feel the urge to include.

Shannon  7:47
The Road

John 12:24
Thirst 2.5 out of 5
Franklyn 3 out of 5
The Road 4.5 out of 5
A Christmas Story, The Musical!
The Fantastic Mr. Fox (A discussion of Mr. Fox box office failure) 21:39

Nat 28:03
Boxcar Bertha
The Misfits
Bad Lieutenant: Port of Call New Orleans

Ryan and Angela 57:36
Funny People Blu Ray
Boondock Saints II: All Saints Day Review (1hr 1min)
Ryan 4 out of 5
Angela 4 out of 5

Intro The Cramps Some New Kind of Kick (From Bad Music for Bad People)

Outro The Ravenonettes D.R.U.G.S (From In & Out of Control)

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About Lost in Reviews

Named after the 2003 film Lost in Translation, Lost in Reviews set out to embody the philosophy of this film in a website. Discouraged with the lack of passion in modern day criticism, founders Angela Davis and Ryan Davis created the entertainment review site in 2009. The idea being that, this would be the go-to place for people to find that something that was missing in their life through film or music.

Lost in Reviews is based in Kansas City, Dallas and Chicago. The site covers all aspects of entertainment, but tries to focus more on the easily over-looked. Lost in Reviews is the home to the starving filmmaker and indie bands everywhere. If you’re looking for a voice or trying to share in a vision, then Lost in Reviews just may be the place to help you get there. As the tag line for Lost in Translation says: “Everyone wants to be found.” So find yourself Lost in Reviews.

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