Dexter Season 4 “Lost Boys” *spoilers*

pic4Season 4 of Dexter has all been about the family: Dexter’s family, Trinity’s family and Trinity’s secret family members. That’s right! Quinn’s nasty girlfriend actually had a purpose in this show, not just to be naked, but to be a plot twist! I know that it was mentioned in the previous episode of Dexter, but this episode gives a lot more back story to her character and of Trinity’s past. This is definitely one of my favorite episodes of Dexter to date, even topping when they blew up Doakes.

So, Dexter has moved his killing tools to a shipping container because he didn’t like it to be in the back yard. This isn’t really explained, other than the first sentence. Besides, it doesn’t matter at all once you get into the first scene of this episode. This one really kicks off with Trinity following a family to a mall (or something like it) and kidnapping a young boy. This whole event was completely crazy, it’s so out of character, even for a psychopath like Trinity. It really grated on every parental nerve that I have. It’s terrifying to see how easy it was for Trinity to steal this poor kid. Dexter happens to be tailing Trinity so that he can finally complete the kill, but ends up having to expose himself in order to save the boy. Unfortunately, Dex can’t catch Trinity in time and loses him.

This scene leads into another big twist in this season: Lundy was wrong. Trinity has never had a three-kill cycle, but apic5 four-kill cycle. Am I still allowed to call him Trinity? Maybe Quadrilogy? Or Saga, perhaps? I’m not sure, but Trinity seems like it’s going to stick. Anyway, this new addition is a young boy around ten years old. The boy represents Trinity before his sister falls in the tub, also the boy is the most chilling part of his cycle.

Trinity takes the boy, Scott, to an undisclosed location and keeps him hostage there. He sets up a train set and begins to giddily play with it, while Scott is expectantly freaked out by the old man lost in a mental Never Never Land. Dexter is forced to go on a manhunt to find the boy and Trinity, so that he can finish this once and for all. Dexter actually has a fairly small role in this episode, mostly because he’s constantly running from house to house trying to find Scott and Trinity. The fact that Dex is scooting from one place to the next ruins Masuka’s plans on telling Dexter about witnessing Rita’s kiss with the sleazy neighbor.

Meanwhile, Deb uses the interview with Christine to interrogate her about her knowledge of the Lundy shooting. pic6Remember a few episodes back, when Christine mentioned Deb looking into the eyes of the one she loves, while he’s dying? Well, Deb remembered and now we’re finally going to get some answers. After some polite chit-chat about Deb’s background, Deb shows a few pictures of Lundy’s corpse and begins to drill her with questions. Debra asks about how she was the first reporter on the scene and why she was there forty minutes earlier than she should’ve. Naturally, Christine gives a very lame excuse and does her best to look suspicious. Deb and Batista begin to piece together the facts and see that Christine is most likely the elusive shooter.  They investigate by getting her toothbrush from a reluctant Quinn, so that they can run a DNA test on it.

Knowing that the police are on to her, Christine calls up Daddy and begs him to meet her. Finally, Trinity makes an appearance to see why Christine is freaking out. She explains to him that she killed Lundy to cover her father and save him from being discovered, but Trinity’s response is less than thrilled. Masking his rage, he tells her that he loves her and thanks her for protecting him from the Serial Killer Hunter. She’s filled with joy by pleasing her father and plans to meet him later that night.

More on Christine later, I’m sure you’re worried sick about Scott! So, Scott finally starts to play nice with Trinity, mostly because he refuses to feed Scott unless he cooperates and wears some of Trinity’s sweet pajamas. They name the train station, watch it go in circles and bond by Trinity weeping over his sister’s death. Once Trinity has had his funpic2 playing trains with Scott, he decides to move on to the next step of his ritual. Offering Scott some poisoned ice cream, he carries him out of the twisted playroom/prison cell.

Dexter finally finds the right house, through good old fashioned detective work, and finds out that Trinity had kept Scott in the bomb shelter of a house that’s for sale. He bolts downstairs only to find that Trinity has just left, but sees that there is concrete dust on the floor of the bomb shelter. Realizing that he’s going to hide the boy’s body in the Four Walls build, he races over to it. Trinity is zipping Scott up into a duffle bag and standing in front of a giant liquid cement pit. Dexter confronts Trinity and attacks him, but only after Trinity kicks Scott into the pit. After slamming Trinity in the face with a construction tool, he pulls out Scott from the concrete and sees that the boy is only unconscious. While Dex is occupied saving Scott, Trinity makes a ninja like escape. Behind the scenes, Dexter somehow anonymously returns Scott to his worried family and makes it home in time to enjoy a few seconds of peace with his wife.

pic1Christine is anxiously waiting her father’s arrival, when she hears a knock on the door. She opens it greeting Trinity, but instead finds Deb, Batista, Quinn, and a small role cop. They arrest her and start to walk her out of her apartment building while she and Quinn exchange looks. You know that Deb has to be happy that for the first time, she’s not dating the killer.

Alright, the moment you were all waiting for…side plots! Do I even need to mention that Batista and LaGuerta are still having the most boring affair in television history? I wish they would just drop it, because it’s more of a running joke than a plot. Their scenes mostly are comprised of a few sentences under their breath about a date later that night, so what important information are we getting from it?

I tell you what, John Lithgow is kicking some serious ass in this season. He continually gives a mortifying performance as Trinity and is really stealing the scenes from Michael C. Hall. I would never have guessed that Lithgow had it in him to play this complete psycho, but he does it and does it well. This season has pulled a complete 180 and is headed toward an explosive finale.

I give Lost Boys 5 “Shovel Showdowns” out of 5


By Blake Edwards


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