Dexter Season 4 “If I Had A Hammer” *SPOILERS*

ritaFinally, we get an exciting episode of Dexter! I was afraid that things would never start picking up during this season, but there are a lot of great things in this episode. I’d say that this has been my favorite episode of the season, even though nobody dies! Hopefully, this show will set the bar for the episodes to come, because things are definitely heating up in Miami.

The show begins with Dex paying a visit to Trinity (or Arthur Mitchell…..not as cool, I’m sticking with Trinity) in his church, informing us of his perfect camouflage. I’ve really missed Dexter’s inner monologue, it seems like all the dark humor that was placed into the show from his dark thoughts have been out the window this season. Fortunately, this is becoming a theme once more. Anyway, Miami PD find Trinity’s most recent kill,  the poor guy from the snack shop. Dexter finds a bit of evidence that could help keep the team away from Trinity, but a very nosy Masuka sees him and takes the evidence. Slowly, but surely, the police seem to be catching up to Trinity. Back on the home front, Rita is still pissed off about Dex hiding his apartment and forces them to enjoy couple’s therapy. Shockingly, Dex has a hard time opening up. This makes Rita extremely unhappy and she is on the verge of getting a divorce.therapy

Dexter continues to go to Trinity’s church and joins a home building group, using this group as an excuse to get closer to Trinity. What he doesn’t expect is that Trinity has a lot to teach about holding a family together, and Dex begins to take advantage of any information he can get. Also, Dexter figures out that Trinity’s victims are just re-creations of his own family’s deaths. (I assumed that most people had figured that out by now, considering the obvious scenes in previous episodes.)  His sister had been found dead in a bathtub, his mother jumped to her death off a bridge and his father got bashed in the head. Dexter has a few moments of poking and prodding Trinity to see what affects him, like holding up the urn containing his sister’s ashes. This sparked a really great scene where Trinity chokes Dex against the wall and you really get to see the emotion (and the crazy) that is pent up in his alternate, camouflaged life.

After having a few “rock talks” with Trinity, Dexter figures out how to help his family out of turmoil: the power of honesty! Of course, the therapist and Rita don’t truly understand what he’s actually saying, but Dexter does open up in their sessions. Through hmasukais new methods of truthfulness, he actually resolves a good portion of the stress that Rita has been causing this season, which will hopefully let Dex get some slack. More time for activities! The main story really gets a lot of much-needed progression, considering it’s been extremely slow going so far.

The side plots get a little push in the right direction as well. The best part is (hopefully) the closing of the Batista/LaGuerta love affair. They decide to break up once they both see there is no good solution to the transfer issue. For now, we may have an episode or two without watching their love struggle against their company policy.

Quinn and his hooker reporter girlfriend have yet another scene of her barely being clothed. Damn this economy! Poor journalists can’t even afford clothes! I’m not sure why she is only allowed to have scenes of mostly nudity, but I’m getting tired of it. While we’re on the subject of nudity, John Lithgow has his fourth or fifth nude scene of the season in this episode. I’ve seen way too much of that man.deb

Jennifer Carpenter (Deb) gets another powerful scene in this episode, where she goes after a confession from Nikki Walt, Johnny Rose’s girlfriend. She attempts the subtle strangling method to find out if she and her boyfriend killed Lundy. Also, she’s conflicted about whether or not she should lie about seeing Johnny and Nikki during the shooting, so that she can finally pin the murder on who she thinks did it. Eventually, she decides against the bad deed and makes some headway on the case, realizing they don’t have the true killer of Lundy.

This episode has been a refreshing change from the season, giving me some hope to what they’ll bring in next. There are a lot of things that could end up being plot twists later on in the show, and I have a feeling that things will only continue to get better from here on out. With the humor, suspense, craziness and resolution of unimportant sub-plots, If I Had A Hammer did a great job in revitalizing this season.

I give If I Had A Hammer 4.5 “Bread Machines” out of 5


By Blake Edwards



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