Paramore, Paper Route, and The Swellers at the Uptown 11/4/09

This concert was supposed to happen at the beginning of October, but had to be rescheduled due to Hayley Williams of Paramore getting laryngitis.  Paramore played the Uptown with Paper Route and The Swellers as opening bands.  I had never been to the Uptown before so was pleasantly surprised by the gaudy decor inside.  It gave it more of a theatre feel, more so than the Music Hall.  The concert was general admission, so we (my two friends and I) got there about 30 minutes prior to the start time.  We sat in the balcony which actually had seats.  We were about 10 rows from the balcony so my pictures are not that great.  The balcony had nice access to a bar, which is always a plus.  The crowd was mostly teenagers, tweens, and those in their younger twenties, not including the parent chaperones.  Paramore is a younger band, so this is probably their demographic.

Prior to the concert, Paramore sent out an free online tour package if you tweeted about the concert tour.  This contained coupons for the merch online and to join their fan club, pictures of all three bands, tour poster, and one song from each band.  This was a genius marketing tool that worked for me.  I listened to the song “Gutter” by Paper Route and was hooked.  I bought their CD online and basically knew all the songs they played at the concert.  I did not really like the song by The Swellers, but checked their myspace for more songs.

SwellersThe Swellers were the opening band.  They are also a younger band and are on the same record label as Paramore, Fueled by Ramen.  They just recently released a new album called “Ups and Downsizing.”  I don’t know the set list, as I am not a big fan and would not have known what they played.  They did play “Fire Away.”  I could tell that the younger crowd on the floor enjoyed the music and there was some pathetic mosh pit action down there.  After the concert, members of the band were at their merch table to meet fans.  The band tweeted after the show that it was their best merch day on the tour, so it’s pretty safe to say that KC liked them.  I would not be surprised if they came back into town soon.

The Swellers Myspace Page, The Swellers Twitter

Paper RouteThe second opening band was Paper Route.  I have already written how much I enjoyed their music prior to seeing them in concert.  It is very rare for me to actually enjoy an opening band, but this band was definitely the exception.  They describe themselves as an electronic band and I have read about comparisons to Coldplay.  They do have an alternative vibe.  It is music that I would expect to hear on 96.5 The Buzz.  There are officially four members in Paper Route, but during the show I counted up to five and six people on stage.  Both singers, JT Daly and Andy Smith, put their all into the show.  Their live show sounds exactly like their CD which was a pleasant surprise considering how many musical elements are in their songs.  For the song “Last Time” they had three people playing drums on different levels on stage.  During one song, one band member actually let some people at the front hold his instrument for him to play (I think it was a xylophone, but don’t quote me on that).  Their music is different from Paramore, so I don’t know if there was alot of enthusiasm from the younger crowd.  After the show, I was able to meet JT and Andy at their merch table after the crowds of people left the Uptown.  They both were genuinely kind and gracious and happy to sign my CD liner and take pictures.  I know my friends and I thoroughly enjoyed the music and energy of Paper Route and I would highly encourage you to check their music out and see them live.  Set list in no particular order (and to the best of my recollection):  Enemy Among Us, Wish, Carousel, Gutter, Last Time, song from previous EP???, Dance On Our Graves, Tiger Teeth, Are We All Forgotten.

Paper Route Myspace Page, Paper Route Official Site, Paper Route Twitter

paramore This was my second time seeing Paramore in concert.  I saw them as an opening act for No Doubt at Starlight and was really impressed with the performance they gave to such a large crowd.  At that point, I only had a few songs of Paramore.  I really started to like them when the Twilight soundtrack came out which had two tracks from Paramore (“Decode,” “I Caught Myself.”)  I had heard Paramore on the radio for a couple of years, but just thought the songs were OK.  The band has remarked in interviews that being on the Twilight soundtrack has widened their fan base, and I would have to agree.  After seeing them with No Doubt, I really fell in love with the music.  At the Uptown, I expected the same energy and got it.  It probably helped that they were the headliner and just about everyone was there to see them.  The songs that got the most response were “I Caught Myself,” “Decode,” and “That’s What You Get.”  There were lots of Twi-hards in the audience that were very excited to hear the songs from the soundtrack.  I know the two tweens in front of us were.  Hayley Williams did not talk or interact with the crowd a lot during the concert, and I only recall her introducing one band member.  This might be because she is still careful with her voice after her recent illness.  They did have an encore that consisted of three songs.  We did not get a chance to meet them because we did not stalk their tour bus, and we are not a member of the fan club which gets meet-and-greets with the band.  The next time Paramore is in town, I will definitely be seeing them live again.  Set list:  Tour intro, Ignorance, I Caught Myself, That’s What You Get, Looking Up, Emergency, Crush crush crush, Turn It Off, Here We Go Again, Careful, Conspiracy, Where the Lines Overlap, Decode, Misguided Ghosts (acoustic), Misery Business, Brick by Boring Brick.  Paramore’s latest album is “Brand New Eyes.”

Paramore Official Site, Paramore Myspace Page, Paramore Twitter

And now for some lovely photos from the concert:

Paper Route

Paper Route Live


Paramore Live

The girls with JT from Paper Route

JT Paper Route

The girls with Andy from Paper Route

Andy Paper Route

No The Swellers pics because they did not turn out.  Sorry!

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