Dexter Season 4 “Road Kill” *SPOLIERS*

pic3After a long, slow season, these final episodes of Dexter are reminding us all why we love this show. Things are moving along well, the side plots are exciting and interesting and Batista and LaGuerta are broken up! Let’s hope things stay as great as they are now, or else this could be a pretty weak season.

So, Dexter has broken the one big rule from Harry: don’t kill innocent people. Personally, I think that the guy had it coming, but I guess Dex is really getting eaten up by this. Don’t worry, though, because any issues involving Dexter getting caught because of his little “slip up” are quickly cleared up within the first few minutes. I thought that it may cause a few side stories or create some tension of Dexter having to figure out a way to cover it, but I think everyone is just ready to see how crazy life gets with Trinity as his new best friend.

Early on, Deb accidentally has to spill the beans on her case for Trinity and LaGuerta apic2ctually likes it. So, now there is an official investigation for Trinity and they begin cracking down on possible suspects. The bad news is (aside from Dexter wanting to kill him first), Deb is taken off the case because she was a victim of Trinity. Poor Deb, she’s had a rough past few episodes. I’m wondering when she’s going to catch a break and get a vacation or something, because after getting shot, strangling inmates and getting bugged by reporters, she needs one.

Good news, everybody! Trinity’s arts and crafts project is done and he’s made a pretty new coffin! Now that he’s done with his DIY  murderbox, we find out that he’s headed out of town on a road trip to Tampa for another “Four Walls” build. With the Miami Police cracking down on Trinity, this is Dexter’s best chance to finally get a stab at him. So, Dex finds a weather convention going on in Tampa to cover for his job and his lovely wife, Rita. Then, Dexter (in the role of pathetic, friendless, Kyle), forces Trinity into taking him along and they begin a wonderful journey of self-realization.

While on the road, Dexter seeks out some advice on his “accidentally killed an innocent guy” problem. Trying to get help without Trinity knowpic5ing the truth, he pokes and prods a very irritable Trinity. Finally, Trinity snaps and yells at Dex until the truth comes out. Dexter tells him that he’s killed an innocent man in a “hunting accident,” which completely blows Trinity’s mind. After an awkward drive to the hotel, they both decide to turn in. Except, a now ecstatic Trinity tells Dexter that he’s got a surprise for him in the morning.

The next day, Trinity and Dex skip the build and head to the big surprise. The big surprise? They take a walk down memory lane and visit Trinity’s old house. The one where his sister died in the tub and basically, the entire hub of where Trinity earned his PhD in crazy. After committing some light forced entry, Trinity and Dex visit the bathroom and we get to hear Trinity describe exactly what happened in his childhood. Allow me to summarize Trinity’s own version of the past:  He was peeking in at his sister in the shower, when she caught him and slipped in the shower. If only she had some adhesive duck stickers to give her better grip on the slick tub floor. Anyway, she busts the glass door on her way down and the broken glass cuts her leg open. She bleeds out and dies before the ambulance can get to the house. Shortly after the death of his sister, his mom takes a swan dive and kills herself, leaving little Trinity alone wipic6th his alcoholic father. Now, we can all imagine how and why his father got bludgeoned to death, but Trinity simply states, “He died.”

After his confession of the past to Dex, Trinity becomes a total creep and is way too happy towards everyone. So, Dexter sets up the kill scene in his hotel room bathroom and heads out to grab Trinity. Unfortunately, Trinity isn’t in his room and Dexter heads out to find him. He checks the build and sees Trinity standing at the top ledge of the structure, getting ready to end it all. After some inner debating, Dex grabs him just as he’s about to jump and it ends up being Dexter hanging on to Trinity, who’s dangling off the end. Trinity wants him to let him fall, and Dexter starts to see his point. Why not drop him Trinity, since it’ll be death by Dexter’s hand. Then, the day is ruined by the nice volunteers, who all grab onto Trinity’s hand and congratulate Dexter on saving his life. That’s about the end of the main plotline for this episode.

Meanwhile, the neighbor spic1tarts putting the moves on Rita and she has a very delayed reaction to making him stop. This might give Dexter an out with his family, if she starts having an affair…..maybe that’s just wishful thinking. Deb has a huge breakthrough! Ends up, due to the trajectory of the gunshot wound on her side, Trinity couldn’t have shot her. That’s bad news, because it creates a new dilemma, but it’s also good news because Deb can work the Trinity case now. It also fulfills Masuka’s dream of seeing Deb without a shirt, so everybody is pretty pleased about this development. Quinn’s skanky girlfriend needs a big story or else she’s going to be fired, so Deb throws her an interview. We’ll have to wait and see how the nasty woman tries to ruin Deb’s image in the next episode. Guess who’s forbidden love can’t be stopped? Yes, LaGuerta and Batista are still a “thing” and are getting frisky on all of the tables in the department. I’m not thrilled to have to keep writing about their love story, honestly, I was hoping it actually ended.

So, Road Kill is another great episode to add to the hot streak that the show has been on. I’m so happy that things are finally fun and exciting again, with a lot of hope for more excitement. I’m wondering how they’ll fit in the shooter on Lundy and Deb, I’m hoping it will be a big plot twist instead of a random mugging. At this point, I’d just be happy with a big showdown between Trinity and Dexter.

I give Road Kill 5“Taste-tastic Tuna Melts” out of 5


By Blake Edwards


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