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2012-movie-poster-375x600Enter to win advance screening passes for you and a guest to see 2012 starring John Cusack.

Contest ends on Sunday November 8th.

2012 opens nationwide on November 13th.

Screening will be held on Thursday November 12, 7:30PM At the AMC Barrywoods 24 located at 8101 NW Roanridge Rd Kansas City, MO

Wanna win passes? It’s easy. Just tell us what your favorite John Cusack film is and why?

Bring the pass and arrive early! Seating is on a first-come, first-served basis. Passes do not guarantee seating. Theater is overbooked to ensure capacity.

NO PURCHASE NECESSARY. Winners randomly selected. Limit one pass per entry. Pass admits two.

Laurie S: 1) SAY ANYTHING because of this “I don’t want to sell anything, buy anything, or process anything as a career. I don’t want to sell anything bought or processed, or buy anything sold or processed, or process anything sold, bought, or processed, or repair anything sold, bought, or processed. You know, as a career, I don’t want to do that.” 2) GROSSE POINT BLANK because I love the character of Martin Blank.

Chi H: Say Anything, This movie hits me right in the soft spot. Cameron Crowe put together a really special film, however, without Cusack’s honest, natural performance as Everyman Lloyd Dobler the story just wouldn’t have held together.

Cord F: Grosse Pointe Blank. I think he played a very cool and mild guy that was very funny guy that wasn’t trying trying to be funny.

Rudy G: It would have to be Runaway Jury. To me the people who acted in this movie brought the characters to life. This movie was full of surprises and had me trying to figure it out upto the end.

Ron F: Grosse Point Blank. It’s got a kick ass soundtrack, killer action sequences and a great romance.

Richard L: Say Anything because of the boombox serenade.

Nick L: Say Anything

Patty H: Serendipity because everyone deserves someone that is searching for them! What a LOVE STORY!!!!

Brett L: Sixteen Candles, Molly Ringwald

Chris R: Better off Dead because its so retro and there are some really well thought parts

Melinda R: 16 Candles because I related to it at the time the movie came I was the plain jane girl who liked the popular guy who didnt even know I existed. However later in life he tried to get with me and I was over it. Yeah me!!!

Lawrence M: Better off Dead because it rocked out some Van Halen

Sharon H: run away jury

Saundra M: Room 1408 because I like scary movies

Joseph H: must love dogs

John P: GROSSE POINTE BLANK=as the coolest of Hitmen, with his sister manning the office and the HighSchool Reunion and old girlfriend, while trying to stay alive is outrageous, sophisticated and plain FUN!

Aj F: Better off Dead it has several story lines that all tie together.

Rudy G: Room 1408 it was the scariest movie of several years in a row

Karl E: Say Anything. I love the radio scene–John Cusack is incredibly sweet.

Jim Z: Say anything…Its just one of the best rommantic comidys ever made.

Diane B: 1408 is my favorite because Samual L Jackson did his thing.

Melvin W: Dead Head I liked the cartoon part about the hamburger.

Marlee C: Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil—just love John

Ginny T: “Identity” – that is the only movie that has scared the daylights out of me. hackem-chopem blood & guts type of movies bore me. but psychological thrillers, which depict the illnesses & facets of the human mind, scare me to death.

Ginny K: Grosse Pointe Blank – light, fun psycho-thriller. easy on the eyes actor.

Jeff H: GROSSE POINTE BLANK because John’s character is just so cool. Plus the whole movie just sucks you in and never lets you down.

Harriet H: The Ice Harvest because anything that can go wrong, does go wrong. Plus it is set in Wichita with KC characters involved.

Melinda B: 1408.. john has a way of capturing the essence of the character and making u believe he truly is who he portrays

Brandy C: 1402 I’m a steven king fan. But I think this will be second runner up. He’s a good actor. And a good writer.

Khadijah C: I don’t know its lots.

Bridget H: Not his biggest fan. He is a little too sissy-ish to be the hero; can he pull it off? The leading role in this movie appears to be artistic merrit for its graphics. Can the dramma of the plot measure up?

Kevin E: Gross Pointe Blank. Seriuosly one of the best movies ever. Asassin takes a job in his home town and attends his High School ReUnion! Attending a HS reunion is reason enough to be an asassin. John is funny and self depracating in this one. Gotta love Minnie Driver as well. Has she ever looked better than here? And the chemistry between John and Dan Aykroyd is amazing. I also love the relationship/interaction with Joan aka Marcella-John’s Girl Friday. Pacing, humor and angst are rolled up into an almost perfect package in this movie. Loved IT! Thanks, Kevin

Steve P: Eight Men Out. This was one movie that I got more into the story than the personalities of the actors.

Tyson: Gross Pointe Blank – It was that movie that got me hooked on John Cusack and his off the cuff humor. He plays an awesome assassin with a soul. Love it!

Robin: Serindippity…im a romantic

Shelby: high fidelity – the music

Colene C: Breakfast Club

Kris D: Serendipity, Leaves hope of romantic guys in the world.

Tara T: 1. Say Anything. If nothing else, for the moment when he holds the huge boombox playing “in your eyes” 2. Better off Dead.. so many lines, where to begin?

Pete S: Serendipity

John C: Better of Dead, I love the kid that had to deliver the news paper to john cusack’s house and kept saying I WANT MY 2 DOLLARS. It had all the 1980’s teenage angst a boy could want!!!

Lisa S: Serendipity – It was romantic and funny.

Jason L: 1408 At the end I like the way the ending with the voice recorder!!!

Cathy L: My fav John Cusak movie is Sixteen Candles. I have watched this movie so many times I lost track. This movie is full of good one liners and cute guys. Lets not forget Long Duck Dong, the sex test and the nerds.

Brandy C: all of em…

Josh D: I was going to say “Say Anything”, but i have to change my answer to “High Fidelity” to counter the overwhelming number with that answer. Reason being, I can relate to Rob, the supporting cast is awesome, and so is the music.

Adam R: High Fidelity, reminds me of reflecting on past relationships

David S: Grosse Point Blank, it had great actors that played well off each other, was truly enjoyable. Both Cusasks are great actors, and hope to see his sister in this movie as well!!

Max G: True Colors. To me this was an excellent movie. John did a fantastic job playing Peter Burton. He made that character come to life.

A.D. C: Breakfast Club (Lost in Reviews Editor Notes: Cusack wasn’t in this. He was cast but replaced at the last minute as he wasn’t threatening enough to play Bender)

Juan G: High Fidelity is a great story dealing with someone who has loved and lost. From a male point of view. It has many funny scenes in it. Like when John jumps over the counter to strangle Jack Black. A must see movie

Theresa K: John-cusak has made so many great films and roles a fav is hard to pick. The Jack Bull is a devastating example of the danger and despair of revenge, gut wrenching

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