Dexter Season 4 “Hello, Dexter Morgan” *spoilers*

trapThe episodes keep getting better every Sunday night.  There have been so many shocking moments this season!  We’ve witnessed Dexter taking on the role of a family man, the introduction of the positively chilling Trinity Killer, Deb’s been shot, Lundy was killed, Christine killed Lundy, she’s Trinity’s daughter, Rita kissed the neighbor, Trinity actually takes 4 victims – not 3, and then there’s the whole Batista-Laguerta affair.  That’s quite a list!  Hello, Dexter Morgan doesn’t disappoint as it has quite a few thrills and surprising revelations of it’s own.

Trinity has become curious as to what kind of a man witnesses a child kidnapping and doesn’t alert authorities.  To his disappointment, Dexter (aka Kyle) demands money — $50,000 to be exact.  Of course, Dexter doesn’t want his money, it just helps him continue to hide his true agenda.  But Trinity decides to take matters into his own hands and starts hunting down the only 2 Kyle Butlers in the Miami phone book.  christineHe kills the first Kyle he comes across.  Dexter decides he can’t be the cause of another innocent death, so he hits the other Kyle’s house, knocks him out, and lies in wait for Trinity to show, needle in hand.  Unfortunately, Trinity sees Kyle’s Christmas cards (that include a picture of him just inside the entryway) and he leaves before Dex can catch him.

Deb and Batista try every trick in the book to get Christine to talk about how she’s related to Trinity, but for once her lips are sealed. Did I mention this chick is really annoying?  Anyway, they can’t hold her forever, so they send her back home and put her under surveillance.  Her silence is good for Dexter, but just to be safe, he frames a guy that matches Trinity’s profile, and it just so happens this guy was a killer too, so the Dark Passenger got to come out to play as a bonus.  He hopes this will throw the detectives off, at least, long enough for him to kill Arthur.  This was actually a really exciting sequence.  At every turn, some kind of family or work related problem tripped him up, but he still pulls the frame job off successfully.

Christine tries calling “Daddy,” but he’s pissed.  He feels like she made her bed, and now she’s got to lie in it.  He basically gdeb2ives her the bird and tells her to never call him again.  Immediately we all know what’s about to happen, and she calls the PD, requesting Deb to come over.  She confesses that her father is a killer.  This leads to an awkward scene in which Deb reveals the name of the framed man Dex set up, and Christine looks surprised, but doesn’t correct her.  Some speculate that maybe she really didn’t know her father’s true name, but I just think that she was surprised that she has a second chance to keep her mouth shut and show her father her love by not saying anything.  She then fesses up to killing Lundy and shooting Deb and asks for Deb’s forgiveness.  This was yet again a phenomenal scene from Jennifer Carpenter.  She has really blown me away this season.  She denies forgiveness in a totally realistic and heart-rending way. She’s really been the dark horse in a season filled with the likes of John Lithgow.  Having confessed, Christine takes the low road out and blows her brains out in front of Deb. Oh darn.  R.I.P. Christine, and good riddance!

Trinity lures Dexter on a wild goose chase, and follows him when he’s called back to work.  He doesn’t stop at the Miami PD’s door, he actually has the balls to go inside, get a visitor’s pass, and walk right up to Dexter on the job.  He grabs his badge, and smiling, he reads it, and says, “Hello, Dexter Morgan.”  Roll credits.  trinity3Whew, talk about a cliffhanger!  Trinity knows he has Dexter by the cojones…if Dexter’s a cop, Trinity can turn his blackmail right back on him.  Now there is still a small chance that the PD could see the frame job as the work of Trinity and not of Dexter, and somehow find a way to arrest him.  I think this would possibly be a more satisfying ending this time, considering everything Deb has been through.  Then again, they could always have Deb happen upon Dexter’s ritual and have her find out about him as well as get her own personal vindication on Trinity, but considering the show’s M.O., I unfortunately don’t see these happening.

On a side note, a few more interesting things happen.  Rita confesses to kissing the grease-ball neighbor, Elliot.  Dexter doesn’t act as upset or jealous as she thought he would, and she’s relieved, but a little disappointed.  He however does find time to stop by Elliot’s house, punch him in the face, and tell him to keep his grubby mitts off his wife.  Yay, Dexter!  Without knowing it, he makes Rita very happy to know that he cares enough to do something like that.  Also, Captain Matthew finds out that Laguerta and Batista are still seeing each other, so instead of letting him fire them, they get married!  I just hope this lasts, because, believe it or not, I like these two together.  Do I think their storyline is an excuse to take up time during the series?  Yes.  But am I ultimately happy for these two chronically lonely characters.

I give Hello, Dexter Morgan 5 “punching slimey neighbors” out of 5.


by Rachael Edwards


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