Grab your toy Woody and prepare to be Buzzed for the Toy Story 3 first look

WoodyToy Story and Pixar fans clear your Sunday evening schedules…maybe even the weekend.

I would normally include something like this in Lost in News but I don’t do those on the weekend and being the Disney Pixar geek that I am, had to get this up . It was announced today that a two minute first look at Toy Story 3 is set to premiere during ABC Families presentation of another Disney Pixar favorite The Incredibles this Sunday between 7:30-9:30 CT. The first look will feature an introduction by Toy Story 3 director (and worth while Twitter follow) Lee Unkrich.

No other details were provided but you can be assured that I will include any worth while information in Monday’s Lost in News weekend wrap up. It’s worth mentioning that ABC family is also showing Ratatouille, Cars, and Pixar Short Films this weekend so it might be worth checking out ABC family if you find your self channel surfing at any point this weekend and want some high quality entertainment. This is all part of ABC Family’s “25 Days of Christmas” event and a special Disney Pixar weekend.

Toy Story 3 synopsis-

The creators of the beloved TOY STORY films re-open the toy box and bring moviegoers back to the delightful world of our favorite gang of toy characters in TOY STORY 3. As Andy prepares to depart for college, Buzz, Woody and the rest of his loyal toys are troubled about their uncertain future.  Directed by Lee Unkrich (co-director of TOY STORY 2 and FINDING NEMO), TOY STORY 3 is a comical new adventure in Disney Digital 3D™ that lands the toys in a room full untamed tots who can’t wait to get their sticky little fingers on these “new” toys.  It’s pandemonium as they try to stay together, ensuring “no toy gets left behind.”  Meanwhile, Barbie comes face to plastic face with Ken (yes, that Ken).  Pixar veteran Darla K. Anderson (CARS, MONSTERS, INC.) produces, while Michael Arndt, Academy Award®-winning screenwriter of “Little Miss Sunshine,” brings his unique talents and comedic sensibilities.

Toy Story 3 arrives in theaters June 18


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