Movie Review: It’s Complicated, so Just Smoke a Doobie

complicated-bedNancy Meyers has struck gold again with her latest creation, It’s Complicated. With other big hits under her belt like Something’s Gotta Give and The Holiday, she certainly has a built in audience with this one. The great news is that this film caters to people outside of the romantic comedy genre. If you want to laugh at genuine humor brought to you by some of the best actors in the business, you can’t go wrong with It’s Complicated.

The fast-paced comedy tells the story of Jane (Meryl Streep) a post-divorced older woman finally learning how to live again, it’s only been ten years. Her husband Jake (Alec Baldwin) left her for a younger woman, and is now married. Her last child is off to college and she decides to remodel her house. Here, she meets Adam (Steve Martin), a divorced architect with a sweet disposition and a recent history of heart break.

complicated-martinShe is just beginning to act civil in public with Jake again when they meet in New York for their son’s graduation and have one crazy night together, involving a lot of alcohol. Jake begins to pursue an affair with Jane, now that he is married to someone else, it’s all very hush hush, and hilarity ensues.

First, the acting in this film was magnificent. Everyone had perfect comedic timing. Streep isn’t known for comedies, yet she really knows how to turn on the funny. Baldwin and Martin are old naturals at this sort of thing. Baldwin, however, blew me away with his swanky demeanor that he portrayed the entire time. He thought he was the cat’s pajamas! Martin is also one of my favorite comedic actors and, I believe, is highly underused in Hollywood. There was also John Krasinski as Harley, the fiance of Jane’s oldest daughter. Just like in ‘The Office,’ he can crack you up with one look on his face. He seems to be the butt of a lot of jokes, but it never feels hokey. He has real talent to stand up to those three and he will have a long career for it.

The story itself is easy enough to follow and becomes a bit predictable in the end, but no worries, it never gets dull. From the trailers, most would guess that this movie is geared toward women over 50, and married couples. I am here to tell you that as a young woman under 30, I loved this film. I didn’t know what to expect as I went in, but learned to love the story more and more as it went along.

its compli10Meyers seems to know just where to draw the line in humor. She also seems to pull from past experiences or her own history, perhaps. Some of the humor in this film is only funny because you can see the younger version of each actor coming out. There is a scene where marijuana is smoked between three of the characters and the lines themselves are funny, but how Baldwin plays the part in this scene will have you shouting out loud with laughter. Same with Martin in another weed scene, we know they all lived through the sixties, (minus Krasinski) and it comes right back to them, like riding a bike.

With out these four actors, It’s Complicated would be too simple. They are exactly what made this funny. Sure the dialog was funny to start, but hilarious when you hear Streep say ‘she likes a lot of semen.’ This is evident in the supporting roles. The other kids are not the greatest of actors and reminded me just how good the others were when they spoke or “acted.” It’s not really enough to get upset about though.

I can’t really explain much more for fear of ruining some really good jokes, and bravo to Hollywood for not ruining anything in the trailer. Although, with an R rating, there is a lot of stuff that they can’t show you. Someone you know wants to see this, so just do yourself a favor and go see it together.

I give It’s Complicated 4 “better than most stoner movies” out of 5.


by Angela Davis

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