Lost in News Thursday 12.10.09

Here are some movie news bits making waves around the internet today. Have any tips? Did I miss something? Let me here it at John at (@) Lostinreviews.com or reply below in the comments.

Will Pee-Wee’s Play House finally be coming to be big screen? Pee-Wee Herman ( Paul Rubens) is currently playing to sold out audiences in LA at the Nokia Theater. Are the studios willing to bank on him?

The Kevin Smith directed Bruce Willis and Tracy Morgan staring film once known as A Couple of Dicks, has a new name but no one knows quite what yet. Even Smith the prolific twitter user is mum. What is for sure is the Trailer premiering in front of Sherlock Holmes Christmas day.

While on the topic of Kevin Smith, he will be visiting Kansas City on Saturday March 27 for one of his Evening with… events. Click here for additional info.

The first Clash of the Titans teaser poster is out, and led to several take down notices being issued. When will Hollywood learn, once the toothpaste is out of the tube, it’s out. Check out the Titans Teaser trailer in Lost in Previews Round up #2.

Return of the Jedi Directed by David Lynch? Always love when these sort of things come out letting ones mind run wild with the scenarios and possibilities of what could have been.

Speaking of Star Wars, the rumor mill has been stoked that another Star Wars film is in the works. Note this isn’t the first time that rumors of a new film have come about, the previous ones were quickly dispelled by Lucas Film.

For you cool film fans that own the popular iPhone the Internet Movie Database has released an app.

Rounding out today’s news /Film brings us a trailer for a pretty promising looking 2009 Sundance selection The Vicious Kind.

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