Lost in News: On the eve of the Avatar release Thursday 12.17.09

Lost in News brings you the coolest movie news making the rounds on the internet and brings it to you so you don’t have to go looking for it. Have a hot tip or an item we missed? Send me an email John at (replace at with @) lostinreviews.com or leave a comment below. Today’s news includes the Iron Man 2 Trailer, a Tron Banner, the second trailer for Clash of the Titans and Bryan Singer getting back in the directors chair for X-Men?!

Easily the biggest news of the day was the premiere of the Iron Man 2 trailer over at Apple. I have to admit the final few scenes made me tingle in popcorn chomping soda guzzling glee. Iron Man 2 lands in theaters May 7 which can’t come quick enough as far as I am concerned.  (Apple)

Being a Disney fan it was sad to read that Walt’s nephew Roy Disney passed away after a battle with stomach cancer yesterday at the age of 79. Rest in peace Roy. (ComingSoon.net)

tronlegacy-billboard-awesomeQ-fullA new billboard for next year’s Tron Legacy was unveiled yesterday in Los Angeles. The image (seen here) was the same as one that made the rounds to select fans of the film on Facebook. Word has it that this billboard will change each month for the next year building toward the films release next December. (First Showing)

I mentioned in Monday’s column that a new, then pirated Clash of the Titans trailer had appeared online. Well its now officially out.

Hot rumor making the rounds on twitter last night was word that Bryan Singer had just signed on to direct another X-Men film. Nothing is official yet but Singer indicated on the Avatar blue carpet that the film is X-Men Origins: First Class. First Class has been rumored as in development for a while now and is not a follow up to the Brett Ratner’s 2006 X-Men 3 misfire. Rather it is to show the early years of Professor Charles Xavier’s school for the gifted. (The flickchart’s twitter)

Studio Ghibli (Ponyo) has announced that their next animated film will be an adaptation of The Borrowers. (Variety)

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