Lost in News: Comic Book news flood for Release Friday 12.18.09

Lost in News brings you the coolest movie news making the rounds on the internet and brings it to you so you don’t have to go looking for it. Have a hot tip or an item we missed? Send me an email John at (replace at with @) lostinreviews.com or leave a comment below. Today’s news includes More X-Men Origins: First Class news, and notes on several other comic book based titles (Kick-Ass, Spider-Man 4). A Legion ‘Christmas Card’, and a look at the Robin Hood Trailer.

Leading off this Avatar Friday are some additional details regarding last night’s surprise announcement by Bryan Singer that he had signed on to direct X-Men Origins: First Class. With a new director comes a new screen writer.  A script previously penned by OC creator Josh Schwartz is being filed away in favor of a completely new start. Jamie Moss (Street Kings) has been brought on board to work with Singer in developing the story and script.

The angels with machine guns flick Legion has released a ‘Christmas Card’ over on YouTube. It consists of a clip that was pretty hilarious/freaky in the trailer. I hope this film doesn’t take itself too seriously as it seems a bit ridiculous to me. We shall find out when Legion flies in to theaters guns blazing January 22, 2010

kick-ass-hit-girl-poster-20091217115103237On Kick-Ass Tuesday we had the Big-Daddy poster and clip for the awesome looking Kick-Ass. Hit Girl graces us with her presence today as her poster has finally arrived. Kick-Ass may not be arriving in theaters soon enough, April 16, 2010 to be exact, but it looks primed to kick our asses when it does. (IGN)

The Screen Actors Guild Award nominees were announced on Thursday. Seemingly proving that the awards race this season is still wide open with out any clear leader in any category. (SAG) Check out all of the nominations with our pick of who should win here.

Comic book films were hot news yesterday. File this one under pure rumor however. Several sites were all running stories about Spider-Man 4 or Spider-M4n as the studio is currently calling it being placed on indefinite hold. Reports are that the studio and director Sam Raimi have gotten into a dispute over which villain(s) will be in the film. One would think that after the mess that was Spider-Man 3, with the studio mandating Venom be in the film, that the studio would learn to keep out of creative. However, as it is these days they want a money in the bank for sure thing. I for one hope Raimi walks away from the picture if the studio can’t come to their senses and go with his choice. The studio addressed the rumors stating that the production is only taking a holiday break.

Dan O’Brian writer of Alien and Total Recall who also worked on Star Wars, all three films favorites from my formative years has passed away. (AICN)

On Tuesday we had the Robin Hood teaser that had leaked to YouTube a bit early. Well it is now available in the splendid beauty of quicktime HD over at Apple. The official site for the film is also now live at Robinhoodthemovie.com

For those of you in Kansas City, Screenland theaters is about to open their third theater in the Kansas City area. It will be located in Crown Center and is set to open on Christmas Day. Lost in Reviews will be checking it out soon and have a report on what you can expect. Screenland consistently offers up some of the most unique film events in town and the occasional awesome booking, like Raiders of the Lost Ark earlier this year for film geeks in addition to standard fare.

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