Lost in News: Tuesday holiday week slowdown 12.22.09

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As expected being a holiday week news has slowed to a trickle. We may not have daily updates this week. All kind of hinges on how much news is really making the rounds. In this light Tuesday edition of Lost in News we have a couple of new posters including Shutter Island and Inception. Another Kick-Ass teaser, some updates about Machete and the Coen Brothers in search of some True Grit

CHUD got the exclusive on the final Shutter Island one sheet. Nothing radically different from some of the teaser posters. Shutter Island Stars Leonardo DiCaprio and is Directed by Martin Scorsese it arrives in theaters February 19

There is currently a viral campaign in the early stages for the Christopher Nolan (The Dark Knight) directed Inception. If the viral for it ends up being anything like the one for The Dark Knight we are all in for a treat and many more teases for the film in the months to come. Kind of like this poster that was discovered as part of the game recently. (NolanFans)

Several film journos were invited to the set of Predators currently shooting down in Austin, TX in the last week  at Robert Rodriguez’s Trouble Maker Studios. While their Latino Reviews got some tidbits about Machete from star Danny Trejo and writer, producer, and co-director Robert Rodriquez. They spill some details about the Grindhouse faux trailer gone feature length film that several of us here at Lost in Reviews are highly anticipating for next year.

The Coen Brothers are currently in the early stages on their remake of True Grit. Part of that is an open casting call they have out looking for a girl between the ages of 12 and 17. For additional information there is a page here with all the information. There will also be open casting sessions in Jackson Mississippi on January 2 and in Oklahoma, exact location to be determined on January 9.

If you own a ton of DVD’s and are getting or have already received a Blu Ray disc player this holiday season, Disney is offering to send out coupons to help in upgrading your current DVD catalog to Blu Ray, provided you own the DVD. For additional program details head to the site here. Hat tip to Lost in Reviews writer Sarah for the tip. Warner Bros. also offers a similar deal here.

As readers of Lost in News are well aware I can’t wait to see Kick-Ass. This new red band trailer featuring Hit Girl, is very NSFW but takes my anticipation for this film even higher. Kick-Ass arrives in theaters April 16, 2010 (Empire)

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