Interview with Harley of Red Cortez

DSC_0537I had the pleasure of talking with Harley Prechtel-Cortez, lead singer of Red Cortez. It is rare that I am excited about a new band, but this band from Los Angeles has blown me away with their music and style and stage presence. When I saw them opening for Airborne Toxic Event back in September, I described them as “a rock ‘n roll band with a twist of rockabilly and a hint of an homage to the 50’s when the harmonica was cool and men used to roll a pack of cigarettes up in the sleeve of their t-shirts.” You can re-read the review here. I have since purchased their music on their site and been rocking out to it and showing everyone I can about this exciting new band. In fact, lately, I can’t stop humming the song, Western Front. You can learn more about the band from their website,, their Myspace page, Facebook page or you can watch some of their videos from the tour or hear their songs on YouTube.

Here in the interview we discuss how their last tour went, future plans to record a new album and start touring again. How the band formed and what musical influences the band has. We also discuss the new music they are working on and how nice squirrels are.

by Angela Davis


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