Screenland Crown Center a welcome addition to the downtown area

ScreenlandIt’s been many years since the six screen theater at Crown Center shuttered it’s doors. Since that time a little more than half of the cineplex was converted to the Off Center Theater while the remaining theaters went empty and unused, a sad state for any theater.

All that is about to change however as the Screenland Crown Center prepares to open their doors on Christmas day presenting The Road, Me and Orson Welles and the fabulous Fantastic Mr. Fox.

Lost in Reviews was invited to an advanced preview of the two screen theater that shares a concession stand with the Off Center Theater and offers all the standard and upper tier fare that Screenland patrons have become accustomed to. Both theaters are beautiful. The auditoriums feature nice brand new wide reclining seats with ample leg room and arm rest that swivel up along with nice carpeted floors, a rarity in a theater in most cases. These intimate auditoriums seat 175 and 125 patrons.


Crown Center's main entrance, in less wintery times.

Similar to the Screenland Crossroads and Screenland Armour, films are introduced prior to beginning and there wasn’t a single advertisement slide in sight. This is something I have always loved about locally-owned, independently operated theaters is their total respect for the movie going experience, it’s not strictly about profit it’s about a shared love of film between the operator and the audience, and this is something that the Screenland theaters have always done right and look to be continuing at the new Screenland Crown Center.

If you are a down town resident, or find yourself in the area and are looking to see a movie it would be wise to support local business as well as fellow film geeks and lovers and check out the Screenland’s schedule online, or by calling the box office at 816-421-9700. There is free covered parking and the Screenland standard full bar. Unlike chain theaters filled with high school employees that aren’t concerned about a film’s presentation and in some cases even helping you, the Screenland respects their patron and makes sure you have the best film presentation and theater going experience possible, the way it should be.

The Screenland Crown Center opens Christmas Day. It is located at 2405 Grand Blvd Ste 200 (third floor) Show times for all Screenland theaters is avaliable at or by calling 816-421-9700

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