Scrubs: Goodbye, Again

So it seems that by the end of January 2010 my weekly Scrubs recaps will no longer be necessary and I am kind of wondering if I will be out of a job with Lost In Reviews, figuratively speaking of course, but still the news of ABC’s decision to burn off the remaining episodes of this once so great show got me to wondering if I should even continue period. So after some deep soul searching, not all that deep to be honest, I have come to the conclusion that I am with this show until the bitter end.  Because truthfully it does have some good points.  No it does really.  No I am not lying.  Stop arguing with me.  Oh sorry that second personality has a mind of it’s own sometimes. In all seriousness if any casting person is reading this (and I know you are) (yeah wishful thinking on my part I know) as soon as Michael Mosley and Eliza Coupe are released from their contracts Snap Them Up.  Because damn if they didn’t steal this redux from everyone else. Oh hell I am in the giving mood this holiday season so go ahead and give Dave another role too he’s earned it.  Anyone who can read his lines while squinting that much has to be talented.  And if you didn’t at least chuckle when he said endearingly to Dr. Kelso, “Will you be my grandpa?” at the end of tonight’s episode well my friend I just can’t help you.

In “Our Mysteries” timid little Lucy had to learn how to stand on her own two feet and take blood from a living person.  It amazes me that once upon a time when our young interns were Turk, JD, and Elliot their trials and tribulations were ones that we cheered them on for and now I see Lucy going through the same thing and I just don’t care. I was even hoping that she would fail just so she could get kicked out of the program so I wouldn’t have to spend the next couple of weeks looking at her earnest face.  Can you believe that?  I wanted her to fail and get removed from the show.  I must be tripping. I mean I know she is going to be there until the end, but every Tuesday I turn it to channel 25 and wish upon a star that she is no longer there.  Stupid Jiminy.  That will teach me to ever believe a talking cricket.

On the other hand I did learn that by not stealing a guy’s money it means I am in a relationship with him and it’s always nice when a show ends that a lesson can be learned.  I gotta ask, why does Perry care about Denise and Drew’s relationship?  Oh yeah that’s right he’s an ass.  I forgot.  It’s not like they remind us oh every flipping episode.  One other thing: Did Sunny’s voice change?  It sounded strangely normal and that isn’t normal.  I missed her chipmunk chatter.  “Softies” should not now or ever be allowed to come from Dr. Kelso’s mouth.  Ever.  I mean it writers just say no.

Unfortunately that is where my praise ends.  Oh sure I didn’t have any particular reason not to like tonight’s episode.  What with both JD and Perry being forced to reiterate once again how cartoonish their characters have come to be and Turk having to follow along with some half ass attempt to soothe JD’s hurt feelings.  I have to admit I agreed with Dr. Cox’s evaluation.  The sad truth is that JD has spent the last 5 episodes walking around that school caring more about how others saw him than he was in teaching.  In fact did he actually teach those students anything?  Now that I think about it I am pretty sure Turk hasn’t taught anything either.  But since it was the JD Show I can understand why he didn’t have much to do.  JD reminds me of this woman I work with.  Everyday on break she practically forces her friendship down my throat, don’t ask me her name because I don’t know it, and everyday I force myself not to tell her to shut up and stop forcing it because if I wanted to be her friend I would.  I know that sounds mean and you are probably right, but the truth is that the more she tries the more she irritates me.  But I can’t tell her that because then it would hurt her feelings and well I get into trouble enough for telling people what I actually think about them.  So you can see my problem. JD reminds me of her because I just want to tell him to ease up and stop worrying about what other people think about him and eventually they will either like him or not.  And can I just say that I really hope that tonight’s episode was the last time I ever have to hear the word “Eeeagle” again.  Hell I will pay them not to ever utter that ear piercing word.

Hope you have a Merry Christmas!

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