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Please welcome our new writer, Mendie to your laptops. She will be contributing some TV shows weekly. I have been following her blog, The Spectator for some time now and we think she will make a nice addition to Lost In Reviews.

scrubs-cast-photoAs I sat on my couch watching the latest episode of Scrubs 2.0 I couldn’t help but to think that after 8 years JD should be a little less absorbed in what Dr. Cox thinks about him. I felt as though I was back watching the first couple of years of the show, except this time it made no sense that he was still so desperate for his “mentor’s” approval. It was a sad and pathetic throwback to days gone past. It would have been more interesting if JD would have taken Drew under his wing because he himself knew how hard it was going to be to keep on Dr. Cox’s good side. Here is a guy that had been through all of this before and yet I was left with the feeling that JD hasn’t grown at all. I sure hope he doesn’t pass his insecurities onto Sam or the one he and Elliott have on the way. It would be a damn shame if he never manages to grow up.

On the other hand Perry, going full out, put so much pressure on Drew that he caused the guy to have a minor break down in the middle of a code. It may just be me but I am pretty sure that this is not the time you want your doctor breaking down, even if you are “circling the drain.” I find it strange that despite all the bullying Perry dished out over the years I never once felt as though he didn’t care about his students. That was until now. Oh sure we had the “A-ha” moment in the last 5 minutes, but the one thing I always loved about Scrubs is even though it is a 30 minute comedy it never felt that way. I wish I didn’t have to say this but the magic seems to be dwindling. Hopefully they will be able to get it back and soon.

cox-and-turk-watch_561x315The good news is that the med students seem to be coming along nicely. Lucy is settling into her role as the new voice of Scrubs and frankly she is down right creepy with her horse obsession. Did you see her room? If I were Cole I would have run screaming in terror. But seeing as I am not a guy I probably wouldn’t understand why he stayed with that freakshow. Yeah, thank goodness for small favors. I gotta agree with Denise the sound of her voice does start to get annoying after a while. Memo to the writers: JD fantazing is strangly comforting. Lucy doing it is just weird. Stop it. Lucy is not JD so stop trying to make her that way and let her be her own character. It is going to be sad enough when Zach Braff leaves for good, we don’t need his fraternal twin walking around the place.

I wonder if I was the only one who noticed Dr. Beardface made a cameo in tonight’s episode? Oh sorry, mind wandered there for a minute. I truly do not understand why Dr. Cox feels that Drew should be his protege when his female doppleganger is walking around the hospital committing vending machine rage.eliza-coupe-as-denise Honestly though I can not blame her for that one at all because there have been a couple of times I would like to take a baseball bat to the vending machines at my job. Stupid money stealing demon machines. Now I don’t know why Mahoney suddenly had a change of heart about seeing that kid through his mother dying. It darn sure wasn’t the pep talk Lucy gave her, if you could even call it a pep talk which I don’t. For some reason we weren’t priviledged enough to see her A-ha moment. Darn writers. The one character I am totally digging right now and I get nothing but a couple of snarky remarks. I guess it was better than nothing.

Ok I admit it, Cole is growing on me and I hope we get to see him do more than just spout Hipster Gibberish. By the way I am loving that term. It’s much better than Cole-speak, which is what I was toying around with. For a moment during the code I thought we were going to see that he was more than just a trust fund baby. Now I am not saying that I want Cole to go through some miraculous change of self and turn into the perfect gentleman, but I would like to see that he is there for more than just smarmy comic relief. Hell, we even got to see The Todd act like a doctor some of the time. So it shouldn’t be too much of a stretch to infuse him with some doctoring skills as well.

Just a quick thought: Has dodgeball always been that ruthless?

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