Dexter Season 4 Finale *Spoilers*

dex1So, this powerhouse episode starts out by resolving the “Hello, Dexter Morgan” issue. Basically, Trinity tells Dex to back off or he’ll murder the crap out of him. Fair deal, I’d say. I would think that a serial killer would just end it after finding out who Dexter really is. So, Trinity leaves after the threat and Dexter tears after him, in hopes that he can catch him and get him on the table. Rita calls and asks about having their honeymoon, which gives Dex an excuse to make sure that she’s safe and away from Trinity. Unfortunately, the distraction of the phone call makes him hit a random guy’s car and takes off the poor man’s the side view mirror. Dex sees that Trinity pulls into a secluded parking garage in front of the Stafford Bank, a perfect chance to ambush him when he returns to his car. So, guess what happens when Trinity returns? Everything goes without a hitch! He jabs Trinity with his syringe and pulls him into the back of his own van…Ok, I lied to you guys. In Dexter fashion, right before he can make this into a successful kill, something goes terribly wrong. As he’s pulling Trinity into the van, the cops show up with the owner of the car that Dex hit. Maybe there’s a lesson to be learned from this incident?

Dexter takes the package that Trinity retrieved from the bank (all of the money in his savings) and rushes out to ensure that the cops don’t find him in the back of a van with an unconscious, old man. The cops turn out to be from adex6 different precinct than Dexter, so Dex can’t get out of it by being with Miami Metro. Things get a little heated and Dexter completely loses his cool, breaking a phone and yelling at the cops. So, Dex goes to jail, does not pass go and does not collect $200. In his jail cell, he has a fight with his Dark Passenger and has to wait until a disappointed Rita can pick him up. When he gets the chance, he sprints back to the van to find it empty.

Trinity, literally, ran home and terrorized his family to give them all the money they have, including jewelry. While he’s home, he takes the time to find out where Dexter lives on the world wide web. Such a dangerous tool! Meanwhile, Deb gets her detective on and talks to the old criminal informants that her Dad was being “intimate” with. Deb finally begins to realize that Dexter and The Ice Truck Killer are brothers and her mind is moderately blown. Also, she talks to the little boy who was kidnapped by Trinity in the previous episodes. He draws her the symbol of the Four Walls, One Heart association and that leads to them finding the body of a 10 year old in one of the builds. They begin cross referencing all of the volunteers to see who matches Trinity’s kill pattern.

dex4Dexter sets up all of the details for Rita and Harrison to go to the honeymoon, since the other kids are at Disney World with Paul’s parents. Remember Paul? The druggie ex-husband? So, with the family all taken care of, Dex begins his hunt to find where Trinity ran away to. He swings by the Arthur Mitchell residence to talk to Trinity’s family, knowing that they may know where he scrambled off to. Before he can get any useful information, a massive SWAT raid strikes the house! Holy smokes! Dexter manages to hide in the coffin that Trinity built a while ago and then blends into the crowd of police with his Miami Metro pass. Honestly, I didn’t think he was going to get out of this one. Nobody really digs too deeply on how Dex got here so quickly, but Deb does look a little suspicious of him. After a search of the house, the cops pull out Trinity’s family and take them “downtown” to fill them in on their loveable Dad’s loveable murderous antics. Debra figures that after a stressful day of raiding Trinity’s house is the perfect time to talk to Dexter about Ice Truck being his secret brother. Since it’s no shock to Dex, he puts on a sad face and spots a clue to Trinity’s whereabouts. It turns out that Trinity needed all of the money to pay for repairing his car and getting it a shiny, black paint job.

Trinity picks up his Mustang and rides off into the sunset, making quite the getaway. That is, until it breaks down laterdex5 that night. When Trinity pulls over to see why the engine is smoking, Dex pops out of the backseat and jabs him again! It can’t be fun to have that happen two days in a row. Trinity wakes up surrounded by pictures of his victims and wrapped to a table. Dexter had set up shop in the basement that Trinity hid the child in. They have a long talk about fate and dark passengers, creating a fairly memorable kill scene. Trinity tries to tell Dex that he’ll never be able to escape his darker half, that he’s truly a monster. Finally, Dex turns on the train set and record player, setting the mood for dishing out some poetic justice by ending Trinity with the claw side of a framing hammer. I think that Trinity is the best villain that has appeared on Dexter to date.

As Dex dumps bags full of Trinity into the ocean, it gives the sense that the day is saved and all is well. Once Dexter gets home, he reminisces about how much he loves his family and decides to call her after hearing her voicemail. Strangely enough, her phone and bags are all still at home. Once Harrison starts crying, Dex runs to the bathroom to find Rita was the final victim of Trinity. With her dead in the tub and Harrison re-enacting Dexter’s own “birth in blood,” Dex realizes that Trinity was right and he’ll never be rid of his Dark Passenger.

I have to say that this episode, while epic, is a bit controversial. For many people, Rita’s death hit home. She has been dex3a main character and great support for Dexter since the first season. Others see the death of Rita as a bit of a blessing, freeing Dexter of his constant hoop-jumping for the wife. This entire season, fans were split by Rita’s new found importance in the show. No matter how you feel about it, this event raises a lot of questions for what is coming in the future. Will Dexter be a serial killer/single dad? Or is this the beginning of Dex shedding his family and changing back into the emotionless killing machine of the earlier seasons? Personally, I hope it’s the latter. I miss the cold Dexter who killed without mercy! He was like The Terminator, but much more sneaky.

Then there is the question of how he’s going to explain why Trinity killed his wife. That’s a tough one to try and talk your way out of. Will Debra find out about his Dark Passenger because of his relation to Ice Truck? However these questions get answered, it’ll be interesting to see how season 5 plays out. I’m hoping that they won’t make anything too ridiculous, and I’m hoping that they won’t dwell too long on what happened in this season finale.

I give The Getaway 5 “R.I.P. Rita Morgan’s” out of 5


By Blake Edwards


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