An early Christmas gift from Scrubs

I just want to remind everyone once more about our new writer, Mendie. She will be contributing some TV shows weekly. I have been following her blog, The Spectator for some time now and we think she will make a nice addition to Lost In Reviews.

jdturkThey did it.  Yeah that’s right they did it.  After a shaky, uneven start they finally managed to put out  a show that didn’t make me cringe.  I know, I couldn’t believe it myself.  I almost choked on the tea I was drinking.  In fact  I had to pause the show just so I could get past my coughing fit.  True story, I wouldn’t lie.  Ok so maybe I would, but this time I am telling the truth, scout’s honor.  (If you haven’t seen the show and you want to see it I would suggest you stop reading now) (Nevermind keep reading it’s worth watching either way)

Tonight’s episode started off typical enough, Lucy was rambling on about something, I wasn’t really paying attention.  But it had something to do with Dr. Cox yelling, again, and JD doing something off beat, again.  Now you see why I wasn’t paying attention.  No those aren’t the reason the show was good tonight. Patience people, patience I’m getting to it.  As with every Scrubs episode we have come to expect a lesson to be learned and we were not disappointed.  Dr. Cox in all his wisdom decided that the Interns needed to start working as a team instead of the wild animals they had been behaving like by getting the Final Histories of patient’s who were about to die.  Our snarky little teaching assistant Denise quickly passed the buck along to her boy toy Drew, who looks quite snazzy in a dinosaur costume I don’t mind saying.  Of course Drew, Cole, and model chick whose name I don’t remember get their’s in record time, while poor little Lucy was stuck on the guy’s birthday.  Yeah I know she annoys me too.  I can’t help it she is just too sickly sweet. Now I know what you are thinking, “Hey there is nothing funny about this” and you would be right it wasn’t all that funny.  In fact it was all pretty pedestrian.  Except for the dinosaur costume and the donut sprinkles.  Hey if you wanna know you have to watch.

Ted--Scott-Garfield-770432Meanwhile, we learn that everybody’s favorite whipping boy Ted is moving on to greener pastures.  I know it was sad for me too.  I am going to miss that guy, but it does warm the heart to know that everyone has their other half out there somewhere.  Ted and Gooch are too cute together.  And JD and Turk are ready for Bro-a-poolza seeing as how their respective spouses were out of town.  Ah to relive your golden years, everyone wants that from time to time.  Especially Perry who just knew he was in for an evening of fun, fun, fun.  And man oh man was he right.  There is something very disconcerting about seeing two grown men totally comfortable wearing  Cowboy and Indian outfits dancing the Cabbage Patch.  Disconcerting and funny as hell.  But the moment that made me choke on sweet tea, oh well that would be when JD kicked (wait a minute picturing it is making me giggle again….ok I’m better now) Turk in the face.  I swear I am not kidding right in the face.  It was literally the first laugh out loud moment I have experienced with this show all season.  The rest of the show could have been dumb as hell and it pretty much was, well except for saying goodbye to Ted that was sad, but that moment would have been worth it. 

Special Mention:
Ted gets the goodbye he earned after years of emotional torture.

“I am so done my dude is dead”  “I would love to stay, but I just don’t want too”  “You’re like Shakespeare, yo” I may not like Cole, but Dave Franco throws his lines away like nobody’s business.  If anyone else had been saying them they would have just come off as cocky, but he has a way of making them both cocky and funny as hell.

Dr. Cox might as well start calling Drew Mini Me:  “Are you choosing to smile and ignore the insult because he called you hot stuff? Atta girl”  Oh it was like Michael Mosely was channeling John C. McGinley.  It was perfect.

A song for every state?  Oh yeah if they put that on Itunes I am so downloading it. 

So class, what did we learn tonight?  Get out your notebooks because there might be a quiz on this later:  Cole isn’t the narcistic tool he claims to be.  When you get older you need to stop wearing T-shirts with ironic sayings (I hope that doesn’t mean I am not allowed to wear my Return of the Jedi shirt, no they couldn’t be talking about that).  When you’re dying you would rather talk to strangers than answer questions on a form.  Lucy doesn’t shave and feels the need to tell people…ew.  The bromance is stronger and tighter than ever.  Yeah I know how that sounded. 

Class dismissed.

By Mendie.

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