Big Love Season 4 premiere Free At Last

*SPOILERS* The long awaited fourth season of Big Love has finally returned. Now that the holidays are finally wrapped up, we can finally get back to the families we know and love, on tv of course. With the opening credits of Big Love I was thrust into what was to be a new world with the new song and opening from now on. Instead of the lovely foursome skating on dangerous ice with a happy love song, we now watch them all falling very gracefully, but still scared looking and in beautiful HD too! Could it be that they switched the opening just to be part of the new and improved HD world, or was it because this title leaves room to add a new wife in the future, if they choose to have one? Hmm..

So, Free At Last opens up with a string of previously on… that reminded me that there was an enormous amount of stuff happening on last season. We see the Hendrickson’s big family with what is left of Don Embry’s family (his business partner for the Home Supply store with the really bad haircut and also a polygamist) sitting quietly in a make shift church of their own in an abandoned store of some kind trying to rekindle their own religion to what they remember it to be. A few stand up and speak on what they hope this new church will bring them and we are reminded that Nicki was kind of a whore for a minute last season and we discovered that she had a teenage daughter she never spoke about.

There is a quick shot of creepy and skinnier-looking Alby scoping out what I believe to be a gay park?? He shows up looking like a bird watcher (no one buys it) with binoculars to scope out the meat. He ends up hooking up with a beefy unknown gay man in the bushes. TMI. Later, the FBI are furiously searching for missing prophet Roman Grant, unbeknownst to them, Joe (Bill’s brother) killed him last season with a pillow (ha) for “murdering” his soon to be second wife Kathy. A court meeting is held with a bunch of members of Juniper Creek, a bunch of lawyers and Bill to decide what to do with all of the funds Roman had, which is when we see that the guy heading all of these proceedings is the very beefy bush fucker that Alby met the other day. So this might complicate things, but will make for a very entertaining season for me.

No one knows where Roman Grant is, but FBI are accusing Nicki of setting up accounts and withdrawing money from Juniper Creek, which I guess she is not, because she is also a secret shopper of online gifts for herself (remember season 1) and I’m sure that we would be seeing new things in her house if this was the case. She goes to see her crazy Mom and tries to figure out what is going on. Mom is even crazier now and demands to make her a BLT sandwich. She sends Nicki into the deep freezer in the basement to get bacon and so that she can discover her Dad’s dead, frozen and very creepy looking body in the freezer. Her Mom goes on to explain that she found him like that in bed and had to preserve (get it? preserve) the legacy of Roman saying he would live to be 126 and hide his body. Nicki tells Alby to take care of the situation and goes home. Like that is going to work.

Bill is in the midst of opening the new casino out in the middle of B.F.E. with some Native Americans to have a secure income for the future but keeps running into trouble. This whole scenario kind of annoys me for a couple of reasons. 1: Bill is a frickin’ worry-wort and if it isn’t Juniper Creek jumping down his throat, it’s his fear of his identity ruining his image. So now with a new business opening up, the guy will never sleep, will freak out all the time and if I were one of his wives, I would probably be slipping Ativan into his food every once in a while. I think the last time I remember him actually being calm was when he took his whole family on a vacation to the original site of Mormons that were polygamists. A history tour, if you will. He was calm as a cucumber and I liked him a lot. He needs to be like that every once in a while, it’s good for the viewer too. And 2: having a casino to keep up with and a hardware store and Margie working for a shopping network and all of the family and their issues as well as the friends of the family and their problems is a lot to keep track of.

Anyway, the opening of the casino couldn’t possibly go smooth for him, so he has the feds sniffing around and of course, (here’s Alby) Roman Grant’s body shows up at the site for the casino in a lawn chair no less. So, with more freak outs, Nicki and Bill hoist him into a van and drive him to Nicki’s Mom’s house and we don’t see what happens past that. The opening of the casino has to go on with out Bill there and Barb takes the rings very cautiously and opens the gate and entices people to eat crab legs. Barb is still getting over being excommunicated from her family’s church and losing everything she knew before, so I think she did a pretty good job embracing her new life. Bill would agree when he shows up at the end of the night and sees the butt load of money that Barb was just counting with the bank people! Whoa! maybe running a casino isn’t such a bad idea. However, all good things can’t last more than two episodes in tv world, so they will probably encounter problems with getting customers out there or his partners will start stealing or something very scathing will happen.

Over all, a pretty good start to season 4, and a good set up for the season of the drifting body that will probably haunt most of the people on the show, except Alby of course. He will just be in the bushes.

I give Free At Last 3 “juniper bushes” out of 5.

by Angela Davis

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