Chuck Vs Operation Awesome

What a great title for this week’s episode don’t you think?  Yeah I thought so too.  So thanks to a not so clever preview for this week’s episode we were already aware that Captain Awesome was not killed by freaky killer with syringe (this show has a thing for big ass needles) but as we learned on Monday he was kidnapped by the gorgeous Angie Harmon.  Man this guy has all the luck.  Figuratively speaking of course.  Although considering that he was mistaken for Chuck and not Devon “Doctor Extraordinaire” Woodcomb I can see why he was freaked out.  To be honest I agree with Casey, I mean if you had to choose between a hapless computer nerd and Captain Awesome who would you think was the spy?  Exactly.  However it does appear that Superman, oh sorry I meant Shaw, knew exactly who Chuck was and had no problem trying to insert himself as the leader of the team.  Too bad for Shaw because as he quickly discovered you have to have a team before you can lead it.  And this is obviously one group who doesn’t do everything by the book.  (If anyone knows where I can get that book please let me know)

Here’s the thing I absolutely love about Chuck; at the end of the first half hour you feel as though you have watched an entire show already.  I know it seems weird but it’s true.  Every time I am watching the show I marvel how they are able to cram so much into the first 30 minutes without making it seem murky and unintelligible.  The gang converge at where ever they are meeting for that particular episode, they discover the threat, comedy and mayhem ensue, and they get their man or woman.  But oh no folks the fun is not over with yet because we have a whole other half hour to go.  Not to steal anything from Chuck, but how awesome is that?  I know, right?

I don’t quite know what to think about Shaw and what he could possibly mean for the “Get Smart” gang.  He comes off like a jerk, but there was that one moment at the end when he stared at the monitor with stalker eyes and took out what I can only guess is a wedding ring.  By the way writers, directors, or whoever set that scene up you may want to try being a little less obvious next time.  Perhaps a giant flashing neon sign that states “More than meets the eye.”  Hey it worked for The Transformers.

Who ever would have thought that Morgan would make a decent Asst. Manager or that Lester had a weaker, smaller Tyler Durden hidden inside?  Not me that is for sure.  I would like to dwell deeper into this particular storyline, but alas the first 2 rules of the Buy More Fight Club are not to talk about it.  Sorry those are the rules.

Special Mention:

Awesome is not only a really bad liar, but a lousy spy as well.

Chuck is actually a pretty good liar.

Apparently you can fill Superman with a bullet and some Amidarone.

Needles are a lot scarier than tranquilizer guns.

Chuck has some of the best car commercials ever.

Using your ability to download abilities to scare off annoying customers: Awesome!

Using your ability to kick the hell out of annoying fellow employee:  Frakking Awesome!

The theme of this episode is of course Awesome.

by Mendie


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