Chuck vs The Angel of Death

One of two things will happen when I am recapping or reviewing a show; I either become so engrossed in getting the finer points of the action that is taking place that I forget to watch the show (that actually happens a lot) or I become so engrossed in the show that I forget to take any notes and my recap is full of holes.  Neither happened with Chuck.  I was able to take notes and enjoy the show.  In fact I enjoyed it so much that I wondered if perhaps I didn’t know how to look at the show from a critical point of view.  Could I really be honest about what I saw?  Or would I end up gushing about it adnaseum?  And then I figured who gives a frak?  One of the reasons I began writing about the shows that I watched is because I was sick of reading the same take on a show over and over again.  I wanted to write simply from a viewer’s point of view.  So hopefully you will enjoy my write ups on Chuck and if not well let me know and I am sure we can come to a mutual understanding on the matter (she said sarcastically).

I believe just last night I was pondering whether or not Cpt Awesome and Sarah (Chuck’s sister for those like myself who just started watching the show) had a purpose on the show.  And what happens?  Wham-o, enter a story centered around not only them but my main man John Casey himself.  I swear Josh Schwartz heard my concerns and had a show made specifically for me.  Probably not, but hey a girl can dream.  So somewhere between Season 1 and the end of Season 2 Cpt Awesome found out about Chuck and all the weirdness that surrounds his brother-in-law’s life.  (I really need to watch those Seasons) And instead of being completely freaked out as most any other person on the planet would be Cpt seems to be strangely envious of Chuck.  Because being a doctor/adventure junkie just isn’t thrilling enough.  Well why would it be?  I know that I myself get a small thrill out of trying to make the yellow light.  Maybe not exactly the same thing as being dropped off in a helicopter after doing the “Same old same old.”  But hey we can’t all be doctor/adventure junkies or super spies.  So I will take what I can get.  Was I the only one who was more impressed that Chuck managed to figure out how to hook up the TV in less than 20 seconds?  Now that, my friends is skill and one that I could use more than a guy who can seize onto any style of fighting.  I have always said that if you want to win my heart mow my lawn.

And for those of you who are taking notes, yes I did say seize.  I spent the better part of the show trying to figure out what type of face Chuck makes everytime, for the lack of a better word, he is downloaded with whatever new information he needs just in time to either save the day or wreck it (it all depends on if we are at the 30 minute mark in the show or the 45th minute mark).  I eventually came up with he looks like he is having a mini seizure or perhaps took a big bite of a lemon.  I wonder how long it took Zach to come up with that face?

So here we have newlyweds Devon and Sarah moving into their new place (right across from their old one I might add, baby steps)  and settling into what we like to call real life.  Isn’t it strange how on one hand it is quite obvious that they haven’t been married long but on the other hand we are supposed to believe that in a very short period of time the honeymoon is completely over?  Although I guess if you have been with someone for nine years it is probably a very good chance the honeymoon ended way before the wedding.  Hey I’m just saying.   I have to admit that if Cpt Awesome were to walk into my hospital room I probably would feel pretty safe in assuming that either A:  I am on Candid Camera or B:  This guy is gonna save my life simply because his ego won’t allow him not too.  Not that I am saying he is egotisical, he just looks like the type of guy who can do anything.  Probably why they call him Cpt Awesome.  And as it would seem the Premier (of some country I didn’t bother writing the name of) thought the same thing because he was so grateful that Cpt saved his life that he invited him and Sarah to his little suare.  Just to let you know that if I ever get invited to a fancy party by a crazy little man and a bunch of armed guys I will probably faint dead away.  No kidding, dead away.  Femine features, I still chuckle at that one, you know now that I think about it Zach does have very nice soft features.  I wouldn’t go as far as to say femine, but soft.

So where does the Angel of Death come in?  Well that would be the cuddly John Casey of course.  I swear I am having the hardest time picturing him as the Angel of Death.  Oh sure Adam Baldwin plays tough as crazy nails better than anyone I know (Firefly anyone?)  But the Angel of Death?  I just don’t see it.  I will tell you one thing, right now I am looking forward to watching the first 2 seasons mainly for him.  Even when John is being a total badass he is still so darn cuddly.  Whether he is gleefully looking forward to breaking some bones or hopped up on laughing gas Adam Baldwin has a way of making John that much more human.  I really can not wait to find out more about this guy.  Marathon weekend here I come.

My only contention with tonight’s episode doesn’t actually have anything to do with the episode itself.  Nope my contention is with the previews for next week’s episode.  Because right after we see Cpt Awesome enter the hospital room with the assasin from the group “The Ring” (on going story arc I assume) who is holding his trusty instrument of murder.  We see Sarah knock on Chuck’s door and give him what I and the rest of the audience at that point can only assume is terrible news about our beloved Cpt Awesome when all of the sudden the previews for next week start to play and there he is alive and kicking with a bomb in his ear (I am guessing they will explain that next week).  So um…WTF?!?!?!  Is he ok?  Is he alive?  Is he dead?  Was it a joke?  Was Sarah telling Chuck his brother in law was taken hostage?  What?!?!?  All I know is that next week they had better explain themselves or they are going to have one pissed off new viewer on their hands.

by Mendie


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