Movie Review: Extraordinary Measures

Extraordinary Measures is a film based on a true story about John Crowley (Brendan Fraser), a father who fights tooth and nail to find a treatment for Pompe Disease, a rare genetic neuromuscular disease that can kill young children. Two of his children have Pompe, and they are starting to reach the terminal end of their disease. After his daughter Megan develops a respiratory condition and comes close to dying, John decides to track down Dr. Robert Stonehill (Harrison Ford) who has written papers on an enzyme that may help children with Pompe. Dr. Stonehill tells John that he needs $500,000 to start any real production of the enzyme. John and Dr. Stonehill eventually decide to go into business together to fast-track the research, trials, and production of the enzyme. They make real progress, and their company is eventually bought by a pharmaceutical company with the same goal. Of course, this is where the real problems begin when a university researcher is now being told what to do by corporate scientists, doctors, and businessmen.

I was pretty excited to see this movie. I really liked the trailer and expected to see a good movie. What I ended up seeing was an okay movie. I have no real complaints about the movie. Everyone was cast well and was convincing in their portrayal of their character. Harrison Ford and Meredith Droeger who plays Megan Crowley were the highlights of the movie, and I would have loved to have seen more of Keri Russell who plays Aileen Crowley. However, the movie just lacked something. It is hard for me describe it. I don’t know if it was a wow factor or something else. It did have a TV movie of the week feel to it. I do feel that it is an educational movie, both because of Pompe and what it takes to get a drug to the trial phase. The movie is bound to draw comparisons to Lorenzo’s Oil, which was a much better movie and had a real passion or drive in it. The movie did garner some applause at the end from the audience, so I think that the movie will find a following that will really love it. That following just does not include me. I would like to say just wait to rent it, but some of you may really like Extraordinary Measures, and I would hate to dissuade you from seeing it.

3 “What happened to Harrison Ford?” out of 5

by Sarah Ksiazek

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