Last November new album Tug O’ War

Last November is an Atlanta-based pop rock band set to release their new EP “Tug O’ War” on January 26, 2010. The EP follows up the release of their first single and music video from the new record, “Julie.” Last November consists of: Luke Pilgrimon guitar and vocals; Tyler Ayers on bass, and Taylor Woodruff on drums and vocals. Last November have toured with other bands such as The Bravery, Plain White T’s, Cake, Pink, Train, The Almost, Mute Math, They Might Be Giants, Chris Cornell and Interpol. They have toured for their previous two albums “All the Gory Details” and “Over the Top or Under the Weather. as well as this EP.”

I suppose it would be easy to make a cheap joke out of the cover of Last November‘s Tug o’ War! EP. The (more or less) displayed act of throwing a lifesaver to a sinking ship parallels the band’s own music style a little too well. Not to say that the three gentlemen players from Atlanta aren’t talented. This isn’t their first release, after all. They have two previous full-lengths under their belts prior to the upcoming January 26th release of Tug, as well as a decent following in their region. Unfortunately, the pop hooks and whoa-ohs they chose to ape are directly from a style championed by the likes of Jimmy Eat World and brought full-force into the mainstream at the start of this century. I don’t mind the occasional throwback sound, if something that recent can be considered as such, but to me this release tells me a story of three guys who were a little too late for the trend. Had this EP been released five or six years earlier, I’m sure they would have been accepted with open arms into the ranks of the then just turning south Warped Tour (pre-Brokencyde), or at the very least they would have been a lot more fresh to my ears. With a bland sound, as well as some horrifically cliche album artwork, I will respectfully and consciously neglect to follow this band in their future outings and endeavors. That is, until the next sinking ship drags by and we can expect their auto-tune remix album to come out.

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by Greg Stitt


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