Lost in News: New Year Weekend Wrap up 1.3.10

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Welcome back and Happy New Year readers! In the first Lost in News of the new year we take a look at this past weekends box office. Lots of Disney news including a New Toy Story 3 character, Disney going Comic Book crazy, a peek at Rapunzel, The Wolfman gets a website, the Library of Congress preserves 25 films, unneeded remake and prequel news and a preview of a film set to premiere at Sundance.

In the extended weekend box office number one again this weekend was the James Cameron 3D epic Avatar. It brought in an additional 68.3 million dollars bringing it’s total take to 352 million. Nothing opened on the New Years day holiday so the rest of the top 10 were holdovers from previous weeks. Considering how quite January is looking release wise it might be a while before there is any major shake up in the top ten.

1. Avatar 68.3 mill
2. Sherlock Holmes 38.3 mill
3. Alvin and the Chipmunks: The Squeakquel 36.6 mill
4. It’s Complicated 18.7 mill
5. The Blind Side 12.6 mill
6. Up in the AIr 11.3 mill
7. The Princess and the Frog 10 mill
8. Did you Hear about the Morgans? 5.2 mil
9. Nine 4.2 mill
10. Invictus 4.1 mill

Disney Pixar have posted another Toy Story 3 featurette that gives us our first glimpse at a new character named Mr. Pricklepants.

The Disney’s acquisition of Marvel is complete. Thus rumors of an Ant Man film can continue as Disney mines their newly acquired assets for new projects. (Sources Press releases Dead Line Hollywood Daily Artwork /Film)

Seems Disney isn’t done yet getting their hands on comic book character rights. It was also announced over the weekend that they had obtained part of Stan Lee’s POW! (Source: The Hollywood Reporter)

Universal launched the full website for their February 12 release of The Wolfman appropriately enough on New Years eve when we had a blue moon.

The Library of Congress has announced 25 films that “will be preserved as cultural, artistic and/or historical treasures for generations to come.” Included in the list are Dog Day Afternoon, The Muppet Movie, and Michael Jacksons Thriller. For the full list head over to the Library’s Press release for full details.

Lots of Disney news in this weekend wrap up. DisneyPixar.fr has a scan of a magazine featuring this image from the hand drawn CGI hybrid film Rapunzel.

In unneeded remake/prequel news it was announced that a director had been found for the Americanization of The Orphanage and The Thing prequel starts shooing in March. I highly recommend Netflixing the The Orphanage if you haven’t sent it. You will find that it is perfectly fine as is. As for The Thing if you haven’t seen it how do you consider yourself a film fan?

Closing out this edition of Lost in News is a trailer for the Comedy Horror Film Tucker & Dale vs Evil! It is set to premiere at Sundance later this month. This looks like an interesting twist on the horror genre.

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