Lost in News: The return Tuesday 1.25.10

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I had to take an extended break while I went in search of a new apartment but now that is out of the way were back! Keeping it light as we get back off the ground. Today we have an update on Machete finding a distributor. News on the first film to spark a biding war at Sundance in the Ryan Reynolds’ starring Buried. Our first glimpse at a couple of Disney productions, both sequels. In closing are a couple of new posters for this summer’s The Last Airbender.

Nikkie Finke at Deadline Hollywood broke the news Sunday that the fake trailer gone feature-length film Machete had been picked up for distribution by Fox. Not only that but it seems that Robert Rodriquez, who also penned the sequel/reboot Predators which Fox is currently bank rolling at his Trouble Maker studios in Texas picked up some kind of first look/development deal with Fox as part of the negotiations.

The annual Sundance Film Festival is currently taking place in Park City Utah. One of the films that had quite a bit of buzz leading up to the festival was the Ryan Reynold’s starring Buried. The film screened to some pretty enthusiastic response and became the first film to spark a biding war. Lionsgate films won out and picked the film up for distribution. Being buried alive is a pretty scary thing to think about and this teaser for the film sets a pretty heavy tone.

To lighten up the mood a bit here is a new promo pic from Tron Legacy showing off a new yellow light cycle.Click on the pic below to super size.

Also from the Disney camp but specifically the Pixar side is the first look at a piece of concept art from Cars 2.

Cars 2 first look

Closing out today’s news is a look at a couple of posters for the live action version of The Last Airbender.

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