Lost in News 1.6.10 The Wednesday catchup…

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Took a day off for my birthday, normal posting resumes NOW! Today we have news on who is writing Deadpool, a Dune remake getting a director, Up in the Air book to screen adaption discrepancies, a couple of bits on Twilight Saga related matters, Spider-Man 4 all but dead in the water for the time being, James Bond, and turning Blood into Wine.

The writers of the hilarious Zombieland have been confirmed as the writers for the adaptation of the Ryan Reynolds starring Deadpool on the big screen. I am not terribly familiar with Deadpool but what little I do know has me looking forward to this assuming the rest of the proper creative pieces fall into place. (Origin CHUD)

Dune is set to be made into a film again. Taken director Pierre Morel has been brought on board to helm the film. (Source: Variety)

I guess the book (which I haven’t read) on which the fantastic Up in the Air was based upon had a radically different third act than that in the film. /Film and FisrtShowing talked to director and writer Jason Reitman about the differences between his film and the source material. Fair warning if you haven’t seen the film (why not?) or read the book that there are some pretty heavy spoilers in the discussions of both.

Hey Twilight fans! The script for the third film, which is based on a long ago released book Eclipse leaked to the internet! Also the hairless yet werewolf in New Moon and this springs Eclipse Taylor Lautner now makes more money than that silly pale vampire Robert Pattinson. Adjust your crushes accordingly…

In a previous installment of Lost in News it had been rumored that Spider-Man 4’s production had grind to a halt over creative differences between the studio and director Sam Raimi. Well now that the trades (Variety) are reporting it, it is rumor no more. At this point it’s hard to say when we might see the next Spider-Man installment. I still stand by my previous statement hoping that Raimi sticks to his guns on this. Spidey three was a disaster due to studio meddling, lets not let that happen to four.

Director Sam Mendes (Away We Go) was rumored to have been hired as either a consultant or director on the next James Bond film.

I am a moderate Tool fan but a pretty big Puscifer and A Perfect Circle fan. What does this have to do with movies you ask? Easy, the lead singer of all three Maynard James Keenan started a winery out in his home of Arizona some years back. Many thought he was crazy…if you follow the man and the persona that he has occasionally one might be lead to believe just that.. What has actually happened might come as a surprise. Thus a documentary titled Blood into Wine has been made telling the story of this endeavor and is included here to close out this Wednesday catchup of Lost in News.

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