Scrubs: Cheaters…almost never prosper

Just when you thought it was safe to accidentally say I love you, you get a mocking comment and a door thrown in your face.  Damn Denise sure can be cold and angry when she wants to be.  But in all fairness Drew did know how closed she was to human emotions when he started schtupping her so really the blames on him.  Or is it?  Ok yes he should have told her about his means-nothing-to-me-mistake-of-marriage and yes choosing to say I love you over a breakfast of icing is probably not the most ideal time but come on, most truthful statements are proclaimed when said in the moment.  And what did she expect?  I mean really here is a guy that is obviously into her.  Hell in the last episode he came running at brake neck speed when he thought she had been hurt.  Who does that?  Oh yeah that’s right a guy who is love does that or any normal human being who has the ability to feel.  No I am not being too hard on Denise, in fact I have a huge girl crush on her.  Characters like Lucy just tick me off with their whininess.  But hard core chicks like Denise make me just want to stand up and say, “Look world, a girl can be a bad ass without being a complete combat boot wearing psycho (no offense intended for all girls who wear combat boots, Stomp With Pride Ladies).”  When did we reach the point in society that if you are a girl you must be effeminate and soft spoken at all times to not be considered a lesbian?  Not that there is anything wrong with that (to borrow a phrase from Jerry and George), but seriously people, kick ass women come in all ways including soft spoken and hard core.  Oh wow did I get way off track there.  Sorry reeling it back in.

Ok I am back.  I think.  No I am.

Lucy? A cheater?  Whoa.  Good girls don’t cheat.  Do they?  Oh yeah they do and for a brief moment they contemplate letting their under-achieving boyfriends take the fall.  Hell why not it wasn’t like any one in that room didn’t believe for a moment that Cole couldn’t have possibly done it.  Cole might be two tokes away from being a full on Spicolli but the kid’s not dumb.  No matter what his dad may have bought I find it very hard to believe that money bought him free passage up all the way up to med school.  Because no amount of money in the world can fix stupid.  And he is not a stupid guy, he only appears that way to better fit our screens.   How wrong is it that I wanted Dr. Cox to find out it was Lucy and boot her out of school?  Yeah I know I have said that she is starting to grow on me, but that doesn’t mean that I can’t hope for an anvil to drop out of the sky and land on her, does it?

Here is the thing I am hating about Scrubs Med School right now:  It’s getting better.  Yes, I realize what I just wrote and I stand by it.  For one thing ABC doesn’t appear to have any plans on bringing it back for another season and for another how can they bring us some awesome new characters and then take them away from us just as we start to like them.  It isn’t fair.  Oh sure it is possible Eliza Coupe, Michael Mosely, and yes even Dave Franco will be seen again on our small screens.  But there is no guarantee and it won’t be the same.  I mean who would have thought that a narcissist cad like Cole would have turned out to be a good boyfriend?  Um..not me that’s for sure.  Or how about the fact that Lucy doesn’t evoke feeling of deep seated rage in me any more?  Or Turk and Dr. Cox actually getting along and bonding?  I know!  It boggles the mind and with all that the show is still going to end in a couple of weeks.  Do I think Scrubs might get a third shot at life? No.  Do I wish that they would?  Yes.

If  only to see them grow more separate from the original and not to rely so heavily on the veterans.  Because if there is one thing that I have learned over the past two months watching Dr. Turk go all dopey around two lesbians and Dr. Cox throwing his millionth temper tantrum is that it has become stale.  Some bits are better left in the past and not rehashed week after week.  The new class is starting to find their footing and it seems a shame that in the very near future the final bell will ring.

by Mendie


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