Scrubs: Our Couples

Oh it is starting to feel like old times.  Watch a show, stay up all night just to write the recap.   I missed these all night cram sessions.  And thanks to Hulu (I love saying Hulu) I was able to watch Our Couples, relatively a minor discomfort.  Long story you don’t want to know, trust me.  I have to tell you class that I am starting to get a little worried about our show here.  Oh not because it is a bad show.  Quite the opposite.  For the second time in a row I found myself liking the show.  I had thought I hated it except for a few parts here and there.  But then despite all evidence to the contrary it started to get better.  At first I thought it was a fluke occurrence and then it happened again and then again.  So why am I worried?  Well because it appears that ABC has no intention of ordering more than the original 13 episodes.  I admit the idea of not seeing the gruesome twosome that make up Drew and Denise brings a little tear to my eye. I am even starting to enjoy Lucy.  Go figure.  Today we are going to talk about the parallels between past Scrubs couples and the present ones.

Cole and Lucy – Totally odd, completely crazy, and absolutely adorable.  Remind you of any other couple we all knew and loved.  At first I was thinking they were more like JD and Elliott, but now that I can look back on this episode’s events I am going to go with Carla and Turk.  Disagree if you must but I am holding firm to that.  Lucy has an unhealthy love (Equine anyone?) with horses and Turk had an unhealthy obsession with JD.  Ok so the obsession was mutual but Carla did have to compete with JD for her man’s attention and I have a feeling that Ole King Cole is going to be spending many a nights wondering what those horses are saying about him when he isn’t in the room.

Denise and Drew – Hands down this couple is Perry and Jordan 2.0.  They feed off each other’s fear of intimacy or their fear of showing any type of emotion other than sheer disdain for their co-workers and patients.  Their idea of foreplay is tell each other what they don’t like about each other.  Oh and of course dealing out their form of mental justice on those they feel have wronged them.  Who knew mental torture could be so funny.  We even had the young Perry, oh I meant Drew, dispensing out his own wisdom in the end when he led a confused, heart strung Lucy down the road that led to Cole.  Because as we all know everyone needs someone sometimes.  Yeah I got that from a commercial, but he pretty much said the exact same thing so it counts.

Perry and Turk – The torch has passed my young friends.  When Dr. Cox and Dr. Turk sat across that desk and commiserated over the loss of one of their favorite patients (who by the way has never been mentioned before and I doubt will be mentioned again) I was struck by how short a time ago it was that Perry and Dr. Kelso were always at odds with each other over the needs of patients and their need to be right.  In this case Turk won the argument, but lost the war.  For the first time Turk wasn’t just JD’s friend or Carla’s husband.  He was a doctor and Perry knew it.

I would like to say that Scrubs Med School is coming into it’s own and in a small way it does appear to be trying, but for the most part I feel as though I am watching the beginning of a show that I have already seen before. Unfortunately I do not see Scrubs Med School lasting long enough to find it’s own voice.  It seems a shame now to look back on what should have been the series finale and know what they turned the show into all because some people do not know when to just let go.

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