Scrubs: Our Stuff Gets Real

So when they said that JD was leaving the hospital they didn’t actually mean that he was leaving the show because once again he shows up in all his quirky gloriousness.   But unlike previous times he managed to slip in with very little fan fare.  Which if you ask me was a better way to go about it.   The whole JD’s leaving emotional punch was starting to wear thin.  In previous episodes whenever JD was around it felt as though it was the Scrubs 1.0 trying to be Scrubs 2.0 and it just didn’t work.  How were we supposed to take the newer players seriously when the older players were always around?  It also may have been just me but unlike Turk and Dr. Cox and yes even Elliott, JD managed to stick out like a sore thumb among all the new characters.  It was as if we all knew that he no longer belonged there.  Which is outrageous considering the fact that at one time Scrubs could not and would not have been Scrubs without Zach Braff, but as we have seen lately this is no longer the case.  Scrubs can and does go on without him and for the most part it does better when he is not there.  Which is why when I saw JD at the beginning of the episode I felt as though they were taking a step back in time, again.  Luckily I was wrong.  The writers managed to bring JD back in the most unassuming manner possible.  Oh sure he was there the entire time, but it wasn’t as in our faces as it normally is.  The others had a chance to shine and Zach moved through each scene and each player effortlessly.

Elliott has got to be the cutest most neurotic pregnant woman ever.  I am so glad that even though as a character she has grown so much over the years. She has still managed to keep the crazy completely in check.  Now every woman who is about to have a baby goes through that feeling that there is just not enough time in the world to get everything done Elliott just manages to bring an extra dose of crazy to the mix.  Which is great because we as an audience do not know if it’s just her being pregnant or her being her.  Only JD could come up with the a very non-cutesy nickname like Wife Face and make it seem endearing.  Although I am not sure I myself would like to be called that but hey I might change my mind if it was JD the one calling me that.  Then again maybe not.  If there is such a thing as a Honeymoon and a Babymoon, is it possible there is such thing as a Workmoon or possibly a I-Have-So-Much-Going-On-I-Just-Need-A-Breakmoon?  I’m just saying.

Jordan’s back!  I did not realize how much I missed her until she showed up.  I can not stand that character.  I know, how can I hate her and miss her all at the same time?  Easy because she alone is a vile, repugnant, sleaze of a woman who spits bile and hatred at everyone she sees, but when she is with Perry (she’s still all those things granted) magical sparks start to fly and she brings a light-hearted joy to our beloved Dr. Cox.  In the moment that Jordan walks into any room he is in, Perry immediately breaks out into a huge grin and happy eyes.  I chalk that up to the amazingly natural chemistry that John McGinley and Christa Miller share.  This is magic that you just can not fake.  It’s either there or it’s not.  When these two are together you can almost imagine these characters living out their dysfunctional relationship outside of the 23 minutes we see them.  And how appropriate is it that when we finally do see Jordan this season it is because she needs Perry to write out a will so she gets everything?  If this were any other couple I would think that Jordan is a money grabbing bitch, which she is, but since it’s Jordan we know immediately that even though she is all those things she also loves Perry more than herself.  All jokes aside she is his soul mate and for the first time we the audience as well as Dr. Cox had to face the fact that one day these soul mates would no longer be together.  Wow that’s just doesn’t seem right no matter how you look at it.  Well as Dr. Cox pointed out may it be as untimely and inconvenient as they can possibly make it because Jordan and Perry shouldn’t go out any other way.

Today In Class We Learned:

There is such thing as Anime porn.  Scary, but not surprising.

Holy Balls Dr. Cox is the sweet one!  Yeah it was surprising to all of us when we learned that little piece of trivia too, Lucy.  Don’t worry you get used to it eventually.

Cole is not allowed to talk unless he wants to get punched.  (I should instill that rule at work, what a great rule that is)  We learn through pain.

Should the thought of an all beef salad scare me?  Because I have to say it is kinda making me hungry.

A hospital is an awesome place to play Hide & Seek and I now believe that doctor’s all around the country are playing covert H & S games as I type this.

The phrase “Sausage Picnic” should never be mentioned again, ever.

Do Blue Crabs whistle?  Apparently the answer is yes.  You learn something new everyday here at Scrubs.

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