Scrubs: Class is in session

Well class, I hope you enjoyed your winter break, because class is back in session.  Now if you are wondering why I am posting on an episode that aired last week well it would be because I was in the process of moving and not only did I not have access to television, but I also did not have access to the internet.  I know, I know it was hard for me too.  In fact I still don’t have cable or satellite hooked up (that happens tomorrow) but thanks to the ingenious folks over at TV Shack I was able to take a gander at last week’s episode.  And I am so glad I did because…wait for it… I didn’t hate it.  In fact I liked it.  I kind of feel like the kid in the Life commercials right now.  If you have to ask what I am referring too you are either really young or are not caught up on your pop cultural references.  Keep up people.  Ok so where was I?

Oh yeah Our New Girl-Bro.  Raise you hand if you thought that Denise and Turk would make great work friends since the beginning?  Yeah me too.  But still it was quite amusing to see the interview process.  Which leads me to the two mooks pictured above.  If someone can explain their purpose on this show I will give you three gold stars.  Come on that is too good a deal to pass up.  No takers?  Oh well.  Hey Lawrence get rid of them.  Finally after 5 episodes you seem to be gelling let’s lose the dead weight.  There is no point to them and they aren’t even funny.

Ok now that I got my one gripe of the night out of the way I can move on to the good stuff. Cole, Cole you were this close to losing me.  You really were.  I mean one can only handle that mindless dribble you spout for so long before the need to fast forward becomes so overwhelming that you must press the button (or the mute button, which ever is easier). But then like two sadistic angels Dr. Cox and Drew come floating down and trick you into actually behaving like a human being.  I don’t know how long it is going to last (remember I haven’t seen the latest episode yet) but damn it was nice to watch.  I must admit however that it scares me a little to know that this guy is studying to be a doctor and he can not figure out that the list is in alphabetical order.  They do still teach the ABC’s in school right?  Right?

Ok so how freaking cute is a pregnant Sarah Chalke?  Oh now stop I am not one of those freaky people who go all psycho whenever they see a pregnant chick.  But you have to admit she is down right adorable.  Finally for the first time all season we actually got to see one of our veterans act like she has grown over the past 8 years.  I was really starting to think that wasn’t ever going to happen.  Funny how it was the one who started more screwed up than the rest of them.  Lucy you may want to pay attention to Dr. Reed.  This woman knows a thing or two about crazy.  Though to be fair I don’t know if she ever told her Dad she was in the middle of a sexual awakening (Ew!),  but then again the amount of crazy that she has dished out over the years is so massive I may have missed it.  Speaking of crazy broads Lucy did not make me want to pull my hair out by the roots.  Yeah I think our relationship is progressing.  I still wouldn’t care if she left the show and never came back, but I don’t want to jab a pencil in my ear to drown out the sound of her voice.  So I guess you can say progress is being made.

Hopefully by this time next week everything in my new domicile will be running smoothly and I will actually be able to write a post on the show that most recently aired.  But until that time, class is dismissed.

Hope your Holidays were nice,


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