Big Love: Strange Bedfellows

Alright, so after a stellar season premiere of Big Love, they decide to back it up with a slow, and pretty boring second episode, “The Greater Good.” Pretty much the only interesting thing in that episode was Sarah getting married in the backyard to her boyfriend. The third episode, however, really brought their shit with “Strange Bedfellows” as the name of the episode implies, it was pretty obvious they were talking about Alby. Lots of stuff occurred in this episode and starting with the weirdest is Alby and his”beefy bush-fucker” Dale. Apparently, the three second stare is a real thing in their world, because when Alby called Dale out on staring at him, Dale immediately gave in and starting making out with him in someone’s office and they apparently had sex and then Alby ran off again. Dale came to the compound to confront him and then Alby gave into him, (sigh) again. Next, we see them snuggling in some motel room bed and Alby sneaks a pic on his cell phone of the two of them, Dale sleeping at the time. Like that won’t come back as black mail! The best part though, was when he started to get dressed the next morning, his dead dad, Roman Grant was speaking to him and telling him he should just jump out the window and hope his neck breaks. I really love this little added twist. This way, we still get a little Roman Grant and see the turmoil in Alby’s head as he tries to justify what he is doing. Alby is so creepy and the man playing him, Matt Ross, hasn’t given me the heebie jeebies like this since his role in American Psycho.

Margie is getting a promotion and being put on prime time for her home shopping network and Ben is the only one who cancels his plans to come see her perform. After, she thanks him with a totally inappropriate kiss, her boss sees it and assumes Ben is her husband and announces him on TV as such, Barb is watching. That will be fun, we already know that Ben confessed his love to Margie and this will just bring more tension between Barb and Margie. But, really, how can anyone stay made at Margie? She is just so darn cute. On a side note, Barb’s daughter, Teenie has returned from “camp” about a year and a half long camp, it seems. Oh, and she’s been replaced by a body snatcher. The former little freckle-faced Teenie was played by Jolean Wejbe and the new and improved, freckleless Teenie is now played by Bella Thorne. So mysterious.

Barb is basically taking over at the casino with Bill’s head in the clouds with the whole government thing. I think she is starting to like being in charge of everyone. Although, a training session with some of the workers of the casino doesn’t go over so well, when one of the Native American workers tells her, “fuck you, you white bitch.” Whoa! Not making any progress there, and to top that, on her way home, she runs over a resident of the reservation that the casino sits on and she turns out to be a meth head. Sarah was with her and ends up taking her into her home. I think she is up for a rude awakening when this girl starts craving drugs again.

Nikki is trying to patch things up with Bill as he travels to the capital to get endorsement for his election. She surprisingly brings her daughter, Cara Lynn along and basically ruins any chances of hanky panky. Although, dirty Bill, always has a back up plan and books her a separate room and buys Nikki some VERY revealing lingerie with no panties. Just like a politician. Nikki attempts everything she can to please Bill and Cara Lynn while only making it worse for both. She either did a very genius thing, or a very stupid thing by posing as Bill’s secretary to Marilyn Dencher, played by Sissy Spacek. Because of her little talk with her in the bathroom, Marilyn immediately changed her mind about him and starting spreading the word that he was awesome. So, either, she is just interested in Bill, because he owns a casino, or she will find out later, that this secretary is actually a wife, with a much different name than she gave her. Hmm, hard to see where this will end.

Bill is just pretty much annoying me, and on top of that, he is a politician now, so I really don’t like him. He is in D.C. to get money, only can’t get to anyone, because he pissed off Marilyn, should have mentioned that before Nikki’s deal, oops. He ends up just looking like a lunatic out in the streets, it was pretty funny. He does end up getting a small donation from the man he wants, because of Nikki, although he just thinks he is the man.

Back at the compound, JJ is threatening his sister Wanda of exposure to what Joey did to Roman (they just couldn’t let this one go) and mentions DNA to Wanda who tells Joey and then they go crazy and decide that digging up Roman’s body is the right thing to do, since Roman scratched Joey before dying. Ugh, JJ tricked them into doing this somehow, and the crazy bad-wig wife who is with him is watching Joey dig and calls JJ from a car, on her own? Apparently, she can drive. Maybe her sickness is a cover? But there is no excuse for that wig! JJ also realizes that Nikki took Cara Lynn to DC and barges in on Margie and scares the crap out of her. That guy would scare me too! He ends up calling Bill in D.C. and ruins the sex night planned with Nikki, darn.

So, this was an exciting week, if only Bill would just drop the politician thing, and just go back to his other two jobs, then maybe I could have a lower resting heart rate when I watch the show. See ya next week.

I give Bedfellows 4 “scandalous nighties” out of 5

by Angela Davis


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