Diary of a Wimpy Kid Trailer (It’s not animated.)

I have never read any of the Wimpy Kid book series by Jeff Kinney(I did figure out that they are illustrated), but they are like Twilight for kids.  So of course, 20th Century Fox wanted to make a movie version.  From what I gather, it follows a kid named Greg as he enters middle school and all the trials and tribulations that go along with that.  We’ve all been there.  The trailer is very promising and has a wide range of talent both from established actors to those getting their first big break.  Chloe Moretz (500 Days of Summer, Kick-Ass), Steve Zahn, and Rachael Harris are among the more recognizable names.  Take a look at the trailer and let me know what you think.  Diary of a Wimpy Kid comes out April 2, 2010.

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