A Farewell to Scrubs Med School

It doesn’t seem fair that just as Scrubs 2.0 was coming into it’s own that we have to say goodbye.  I will admit that I was one of the skeptical ones at the beginning.  Instead of being an extended version of Scrubs 1.0, it seemed more of an homage to crazy JD.  What had once been a humorous look at the workings of a hospital it had turned into “What Crazy Thing Will JD Do?”  Over the years the character of JD had gotten weirder and weirder and not in a good way.  He had become a cheesy cardboard cut out of a character I had once loved dearly.  And in Scrubs 2.0 we were gifted with the same character.  Instead he was now a teacher and he was married to Elliott with a baby on the way.  But had our dear JD finally grown up?  Nope.  He was still the same cheesy cutout he had always been.  How disheartening was it to know that after all these years JD, Turk, Dr. Cox, Dr. Kelso, and the Todd were now cartoon characters?  Instead of showing how much they had grown, they chose to bring the funny and bring it they did not.

That was until the Newbies began to get more screen time.  Once that started to occur and the veterans were moved to supporting characters, Scrubs 2.0 finally began to show a little life.   Oh sure the sound of Lucy’s voice irritated me like no other and Cole’s ghetto speak grated the nerves, but aside from that we granted access to four characters that if they had been given more time to breathe and stretch their wings they would have taken the show by storm.  I understand why the first few episodes were Scrubs 1.0 redux.  They had to find a way to keep their old fans from leaving considering they were the reason the show lasted as long as it did.  Unfortunately it might have been this very desicion that flatlined the show from the beginning.  We had seen those characters grow and move on and by bringing them back they were just making a mockery of the past eight seasons.   The final scene in Season 8 when JD was picturing how his life was going to turn out was a beautiful and fitting way to end the series.  So why bring them back in the ninth.   We had made our peace with their leaving us.  We had said our goodbyes and we were all ready to move on.

Although I am grateful that I had the priviledge to see an actress like Eliza Coupe and an actor like Michael Mosely spread their wings;  I have a feeling this will not be the last we see of these two.  I also can imagine Dave Franco gracing our screens in the future, in fact I wouldn’t be surprised if some show from the CW isn’t trying to woo him right now.  If there is anyone out there who doubts that just take a look at his turn on Priveldged.  He played a completely different character and pulled it off beautifully.  Kerry Bishe is another one who I expect will find her way as well.  The careers are not over for these young actors.  No it’s just beginning.  Hopefully next time they will be able to find their way to a project that they will be able to call their own.

Well class I hope you enjoyed our sessions as much as I enjoyed writing them.  Class dismissed.

by Mendie


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