Big Love: Under One Roof

“Why do you have to be such a douche bag?” Marilyn says to Bill and I scream hell yeah! Finally, someone is saying it. So tonight’s episode was just awesome, WARNING: Spoilers ahead. Probably the more emotional part of the show belonged to Alby and his “indiscretions.” He is continuing his secret meetings with Dale and has even gone so far as to rent an apartment to be completely discreet. Bill mentions to Dale that someone has mentioned seeing them together and it turns out that its Laura. Alby’s first wife has been spying and spreading rumors. It becomes clear that she really does care about Alby, or at least being his one and only confidant on evil matters. I had figured that she knew he was gay, at least suspected it. Correct me if I’m wrong, but I don’t think he even has any kids with any of his wives. So, end result in her butting in: Dale kills himself. It was really sad too. He did it in the apartment that Alby rented and Alby had just left him a detailed message on his phone and he said that he loved Dale. Whoa! Now that will probably come back to haunt him. So he walks in to find Dale hanged from the ceiling and it was really emotional and I really felt for the guy. For the first time, we are seeing Alby as a person and not completely evil. It was also sad for Dale, because if religion hadn’t pushed so hard on his life, he might have enjoyed being himself in another life/situation.

So the business stuff going on with Bill is starting to fall apart around him. Marilyn (Sissy Spacek) is a lobbyist and immediately portrayed as evil and money-grubbing, but is starting to show a softer side when she meets Barb at the casino. She also brings to light the “man’s meeting” being held with out Barb and sort of gives her a little push to step up to the plate and make decisions for the casino on her own instead of first consulting Bill. It’s about time. Before this, she has basically been working for free and just a body in place for the absence of Bill, while he runs off and runs for election. There is a rude comment made about Marilyn by Bill, to which she refers to him as a “douche bag.” I loved it so much, I had to say it twice!

Margie is really taking off and separating herself from the family, which I think is very smart. She is making butt-loads of cash with her VSN job and now she is taking speaking seminars for her job which are also boosting her self-esteem, which is what is really holding her down. She is learning to be independent apart from Bill and the other wives and Nikki finds some of her speeches and takes offense and has it out with her at the wife meeting. This was a long overdue fight that was probably cut short in my opinion. The fight stemmed from Barb confronting Marg about not being behind Bill 100% on everything (which, who is at this point?). To which Marg confronted back about fears about coming out and what that might do to their jobs and family. Barb did agree and expressed some fears as well. At which I see the women ganging up on Bill when it comes time to “out” themselves and refusing to go along with it. Except maybe Nikki, people pretty much expect that from her and she doesn’t really have much to hide.

Nikki is now freaking out about Alby agreeing to seal his and her mother to her creepy ex-husband, JJ. I think at this point, she is honestly more concerned about how this will screw up her daughter like it did with her, than what might happen to her from this. She finds out that the sealing is happening in the same place that she was sealed at 15 with JJ and lost her innocence. She appropriately, dresses like a slutty 15 year old and shows up to either embarrass her mother or make a statement, but ends up finding out that this was a plan to seal CaraLynn, her daughter, to some creepy old man. She freaks out and does find her and takes her from this bad, bad place. Good. Now, I don’t know how long she will get away with hoarding her in her house, but at least she has saved her a bit longer. She could not save her mother however, and we see the “Magic Underwear” we hear so much about in Mormonism as JJ and Mom have their honeymoon. She looks pretty creeped out and I’m not sure where this will go. She might go crazy and kill JJ later, we can hope right?

In a surprise twist, Anna, the Russian possible fourth wife shows up as a waitress at a dinner Barb and Bill are attending and she is many months pregnant with Bill’s child! She decided not to let them know and she has moved on and has a fiance who excepts her and she just wants to stay away from the crazy poly-family, I don’t blame her. But, she desperately needs money and needs to stop working for the health of the baby, so she tries to set up a thing with Bill to get money from him on the basis that it will just be him in her life and not the wives. He doesn’t know about the fiance yet. Barb gets mad about not being involved in a baby’s life that somehow she considers family already and goes to confront Anna, only to find out that the baby was conceived out of wedlock. Oh, NOW it’s cheating!!! Not having a fourth wife or anything, but the fact that there was no ring on a finger, it’s cheating. These polys are all crazy! Barb confronts Bill and we also find out that this is how Margie came into the family, out of wedlock pregnancy. This changes a lot. This means that the only real love-marriage is Bill and Barb. We already knew that he only married Nikki because he needed money from Roman. Now to hear he married Margie to cover up his big screw up is really thickening the plot.

On a side note, Ben is with his Grandma Lois and they went on a trip to Mexico with Grandpa Frank and JoDeen to get more birds and things go south when the Greens show up and take them all hostage. These are the leaders of the other major polygamist community that Roman was always fighting with. He used the law to his advantage and put the leaders in jail, but they got out somehow and are living in Mexico, still wearing the creepy beige suits, I might add. We just see them take all four away and probably with plans to extort whoever they can, which will probably be Bill.

So, things are heating up in polygamy land and I like it. I can’t say I am consumed in Ben’s story, but it will be interesting to see him in another life, aka Mexico. I really want Marilyn to be a good person now that Barb and the other owners of the casino have signed on to work with her, so they can shove it in Bill’s face since this show has pretty much started a uniting of “I Hate Bill” groups and I am in. So until next week…

I give Sins of the Father 5 “will someone Kill Bill?” out of 5.

by Angela Davis

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