Chuck vs. Nacho Sampler

After a week off I settled down for an hour of comedy goodness and I am pleased to say that I was not disappointed.  Although the dishes that are sitting in my sink unwashed are pretty disappointed.  Oh well they’ll get over it and if not, who cares I’ve got to watch Chuck.  So I win.  Unfortunately my stupid DVR got crabby tonight and I missed the first 4 minutes so I spent a good part of the next 15 trying to figure out what was going on.  Luckily for me it didn’t take long and soon I was cruising along in Chuckee goodness.  I thought about writing my typical recap but I felt like changing it up a bit so instead you are going to get a glimpse into my mind’s (watch out it can be scary in there) meanderings as I watch a show.  So Enjoy:

the marriage ref commercials scare me

hey captain awesome and Ellie have Directv-I recognize the remote

captain awesome really is a bad liar

poor Lana-the creepy nerds are stalking her

ooh a Chuck Morgan sleep over-that is just weird

Casey’s awesome

I really wish I hadn’t missed the 1st few minutes-I have no idea what is going on

Chuck has to do what with what?

I’m so confused

The Last Man-hell’s yeah!

his name is moosh? huh? nuh uh

Hannah/Anna-hmm I wonder did nna’s mind get downloaded into Hannah’s body?

how can I get a ring phone?

is Moosh wearing a member’s only jacket? please say he is

frak off? really? first the last man and now this. I wonder what shows the writers are fans of?

wow that kiss was pathetic-even for fake one standards

wow moosh kinda looks like zach braff-we have now entered The Twilight Zone

tranqenstein! classic!

minoosh? is that his name?

seriously he looks just like ZB-you have to see it too-

lesson #23 on becoming a spy: dont think

Chuck using his spy skills to wrangle vacations for his sister-he can lie for me any day-

not a member’s only jacket-damn I was really hoping it was

it is minoosh-thank goodness that mystery was figured out-it would have driven me crazy

minoosh intersected himself-sneaky little geek that one is

his dad can make an intersect? I really need to watch the 1st 2 seasons

someone please tell morgan only creepy old men from a world that no longer exists wear ascots

first there’s comi-con now there’s weap-con-will wonders never cease

damn minoosh really likes nachos

Chuck you meanie pretending to be minoosh’s friend. just for that you are going to be taken hostage by the ring

ok everytime the ring gets mentioned I flash back to LOTR and Greatest Hits-maybe I will start calling it “The Evil Round Thing” group-oh yeah that rolls right off the tongue

ooh Casey you went shopping-I wonder if a laser pen can open up cd’s? if so I could use one

no Chuck don’t shoot the wings off a butterfly

ok so what just happened to make Chuck change his mind? did I miss some secret spy wave, nod, or sneeze?

damn those secret messages!

burning an assest-damn that looked like it hurt

poundtown? really? ew

oh no Morgan this can not end well

shut up awesome!

so Chuck’s becoming a spy? I dont think I like that too much

by Mendie


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