LOST: LA X part 1 & 2

The day has finally come! We are finally in the last season of LOST and all the answers will be revealed; or so we hope. There are many questions left such as: where is Claire, and why is Richard Alpert immortal? Knowing how genius the guys of LOST have been so far, I have no doubt in my mind that we will be satisfied and thoroughly mind-f**ked. The premiere was so exciting, that Ryan, John and myself (Angela) decided to sit down and just discuss what has been revealed and what we think it all means on video for everyone to see. I would love to hear any comments on new ideas that we didn’t mention.

Some new thoughts since recording this video about the first episode are:

Why is the title of the episode LA (space) X? What could this mean? Possibly X marks the spot, meaning that X or LAX would be the treasure they all seek?

Why did Charlie say he was supposed to die on the plane? He wasn’t like that the first time, but then Hurley was also unlucky where now he is the luckiest guy.

Desmond shows up for just a minute and disappears off the plane. Could this mean he is still traveling through time, since that would be 2004, supposedly.

Why does it seem that Jack sort of knows what is happening? Like some sense of deja vu and he expected the plane to crash at that moment. hmmm…

Watch the video to see more theories and please leave your thoughts below. Next week will probably be a written review with much more detail, stay tuned!

I give LA X 1 & 2 5 “I freaked when I saw Charlie” out of 5.

by Angela Davis


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