LOST: What Kate Does

Tonight’s episode was not a let down,¬† but maybe just more relaxed compared to last week’s awesome opener. I was kinda bummed at the lack of questions being answered in this episode. The only new piece of info, really, was the new Japanese guy has a name, Dogen, and is kind of annoying. This whole “holier than thou” approach to having a translator to be tough is starting to grate on my nerves. The translator is annoying too in the fact that I see him and think of a bunch of comedy roles he has done and it takes me out of the LOST moment.

So, the ep was about Kate and what happens in this “alternate reality” where the plane lands safely. She escapes the Marshall and hijacks a cab with Claire in it and they become BFFs. I loved how symbolic this became as Claire starts having labor pains, you start to think back about when she had the baby on the island, it was Kate that delivered the baby. It was Kate that ends up raising Aaron for three years while Claire is MIA on the island. In this reality, Kate is the one to take Claire to the hospital and who is the doctor? Creepy Ethan Goodspeed, only now he doesn’t want to poke her with a bunch of needles, like on the island. So, this is starting to give a feel that in this reality, the Others might have turned out to be good people.

Kate is also dealing with repercussions on the island with James and his loss of Juliet. Man, that guy can act! He almost had me all choked up seeing how much he loved Juliet and we find out that he was going to ask her to marry him, awww. He has tears for her and throws the ring into the water and with that ring went a part of himself. James is just going to be lost now, and probably be taken under Locke’s wing and turned into a bad guy because he feels he has nothing left to lose.

Sayid is dead and now he is alive, or is he? He does seem to be acting differently. I believed after last week that Jacob inhabited his body, but with the Dogen guy telling Jack that there is an “infection” in his body and they are trying to kill him and the fact that they seem to care about Jacob, now I’m not so sure. There is the thought that Jacob is not the good guy and MIB/guy in Locke’s body is not the bad guy. They are really both treading a fine line right now for me. Also, Jack is trying to reclaim his power position in the group by stepping up for Sayid, but doesn’t it seem like another test to see if he will take a leap of faith? There was a line from Dogen that sounded like something Locke would’ve said when he was alive. He said, “You’re just going to have to trust me.” There is definitely something brewing with Jack and his turmoil of helping people or learning to let them go, which he can’t, ever.

I really thought we would at least get more information about this temple they are being held captive in and who they all are and what they want with the six of them, I know that is a lot to ask for, I’m needy. At least we got a glimpse at the current state of Claire on the island, yeah! She has apparently become the new Rousseau, setting traps and shooting bad guys. She saves Jin’s life, even though he just stepped into a bear trap. I think we are also getting close to a Jin/Sun reunion. I thought, for a second, that it might happen today, but no.

So, overall, no questions were really answered and there wasn’t any new questions posed. It was a setup show, and the best part was James crying for Juliet. I hope next week will have more questions answered and something with Jacob. I also hope they have less of the obvious humor inserts in the show, Arzt, I’m talking to you with your “I’m walking here.”

I give “What Kate Does” 3 “can we blow up Arzt again?” out of 5.

by Angela Davis


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