Big Love: The Mighty and Strong

So this week on Big Love, they found a way to take crazy up a notch or two. Starting with Bill on a radio interview speaking about his candidacy, or lack of; as he hasn’t officially announced that he is running yet. Just like all politicians, it seems, if they say they aren’t running, it means they’re running. He sounds so much like a politician and I never realized it. Which, for better or worse, makes me dislike him even more than the strung-out, busy Bill. His soon to be opponent calls in to try to get some jabs in on Bill for lack of experience. I have to say that the face Bill had when he was hearing all of the things he would be responsible for looked worried, like he had no idea what he was in for, which is probably true.

Back at home, as Barb says, “sugar is hitting the fan” which is a funny statement. She is confronting Margie about the on-air announcement of Margie being married to Ben. She confesses that there was a “tiny kiss and it was no biggie” when it clearly was as Margie and Ben can’t act normal in a room together now. I know that she isn’t that much older than Ben, but come on Margie!

Sarah and her hubby are enjoying their married freedom when they hear the baby crying in the next room and discover that methy-girl has disappeared and left a note that she would be back, but I doubt that she will. Sarah feels a bond with the baby since she was recently pregnant and lost the child, and she just wants to help it out. This looks terrible for the casino though. The residents of the reservation community think that she stole the baby which will reflect badly on the business.

At the compound, it never ceases to be creepy and now JJ is asking to be sealed to Nicki and Alby’s mother, Adaleen, only so he will have some sort of power over Nicki by being a father figure instead of an ex-husband. Nicki nor Mom takes it well, and even Alby is thrown off by it, but goes along with it. JJ is such a good creep, but I hope they don’t start giving us JJ overload like they did with Roman before. I’m glad that Roman is dead, but still enjoy him coming to torture the mind of Alby at times. That is just enough Roman for me.

Alby seems to be completely obsessed with the Dale fellow and even breaks into his house to surprise him with a gift of jam (ha) and a homemade turkey tetrazini (he can cook?) Dale freaks, but accepts and goes to change while Alby sneaks a peak at some paperwork and storms out thinking he has been betrayed and Dale is working to get the compound shut down. He later comes back to confront him and all is smoothed over by the smooth-talking Dale and they embrace, awww.

Bill called his Mom to invite her to speak at his candidacy announcement and the two actually shared a normal family moment! Although, while on the phone, she was hiding hordes of cash and on her way to the Mexico border to pick up more illegal birds to sell. She brought along crazy Frank, her husband, who she is trying to get along with, and his new wife Jodeen (twin to the late Kathy that was going to marry Joey). After getting the birds, they are all taking a nap in the car until the next morning when Jodeen sneaks to the trunk and opens it so the birds can fly free and acts like she is asleep when they wake up and start freaking out at all the money flying away. Jodeen just smiles and I like her for that. I would have done the same thing .

Speaking of a normal family moment, Joey and wife, Wanda are lying in bed sharing dreams and cuddling and for the first time, I actually thought that they both loved one another and were not completely looney. That didn’t last long though, as JJ surprised them with pictures of Joey burning Roman’s body, which he exhumed himself to cover his tracks with DNA. Now, JJ owns him and asks him to be his spy on Bill and go help him with his election and report back. We don’t know the true nature of this endeavor, but it can’t be good. On a side note, is it just me or does Joey look more handsome this season than previous ones?

Bill is just as resourceful though, and gets Nicki hired on the opponent’s team to spy for him and calls in time to report a raid on the Home Plus store and an outing of Polygamy. He goes to the store to speak with Don Embry who has finally gotten behind Bill on this whole crazy scheme. Now Bill asks him to take the bullet for him and resign and announce his polygamy to the world and also retire his family’s insurance plans, which is what they were doing illegally, Bill too. How dare you Bill!I can’t say that I love Don, but he has always been in the same boat as you and you two always had eachother’s backs and you go and do him like this.

Now Margene is really trying hard to fix the situation with Ben to make everyone happy again and after speaking with Bill and getting shut down, she has to resort to public humiliation on the TV to clear the air. Not only does this scene prove how wonderful Ginnifer Goodwin is, but how much everyone just loves Margene. She came on the air to say, that not only is Ben not her husband, but she was abandoned by her husband and left with three kids. Like her mother who was abandoned by her father, and her mother later dying from drinking and falling down the stairs. If you remember that episode, it was days before someone found her because she lived alone, and it is this fate that scares Margie now and she breaks down and starts crying on her show and then I start crying. This really isn’t fair what is happening to her and I hope that something gets sorted out, or she leaves Bill maybe.

The new Teenie (Bella Thorne, who I really like, by the way) finally opens her mouth of secrecy to Bill and Barb about the love letter that Ben wrote to Margie awhile ago and then Bill confronts the two. Ben mans up and takes the fall for everything to save Margie’s ass and later Ben decides he should probably leave for awhile and to my surprise, Bill agrees! Your own 18 year old son, your kicking him out of your house, because your jealous! Wow Bill is a total dirt bag now and this episode should have been called “Lies and Deceit.” Just earlier in the show, Bill is saying to Ben that the two of them have this trust and communication between them, yet, he is just ready to throw his own son out on the street on a whim. Sound like anyone? Maybe Bill’s father, Frank, who threw Bill out at a young age. This is not what Bill should be doing if he wants to avoid repeating history, plus the fact that he is running for office and everything in his life will be under a microscope.

I hope that my feelings for the show are on track with what they are aiming for: hating Bill in all ways and watching him destroy everything in his life. If not, then all of this just makes me mad. I often sit back and think he is stupid for this or that, but this season has been nonstop stupidity on Bill’s part and even his wives are trying to tell him so. But Bill being bull-headed and a douche thinks he knows what is right at all times and that no woman could possibly know better. As much as I want to see the rest of the family prosper from all of this, I really don’t want Bill to succeed at this. It would be like Bill shouting out, “I told you so” to my face.

I give “Mighty and Strong” 4 “I need new pictures of Big Love people!” out of 5

by Angela Davis

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